Self-Discipline: 3 week Easy Ways to Build an Unbeatable Mind and Find Success in Life by John Wise

(4) 3 week Easy Ways to Build an Unbeatable Mind and Find Success in Life

Self-discipline: 3 week easy ways to build an unbeatable mind and find success in life


Self discipline is the ability to control, and manage your feelings, actions and behaviors in order to channel them into productive use. The reason self discipline is elusive is because it deals in abstracts. 

Where other dieting books fail, this one will not only give you the confidence to begin your dieting journey, but also teach you tips and tricks to develop the self-disciplined mindset necessary for successful weight loss. Use my unique experience, simple tips and easy to understand advice, and you’ll conquer your goals together with me as your diet coach.

A common belief is that success comes from good luck or enormous talent. The truth is, many successful people achieve their accomplishments in a simpler way: through very strong self-disciplineThe famous Stanford Professor, an accomplished researcher and author Carol Dweck Shows in her work how success in school, work, sports, the arts, and almost every area of human endeavor can be dramatically influenced by how we think about our talents and abilities.

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Self-discipline seems quite simple: set a goal and follow through with the steps to meet that goal. But of course, in any situation involving human nature, it can be a bit more complex than that! Those with self-discipline tend to meet multiple criteria of enhanced emotional intelligence, mainly meaning that they can detect and identify when they feel a feeling, like stress or sadness, and they correctly identify it, instead of being stressed but calling it another feeling. They then also know what to do with that identified emotion in a healthy way. While that also seems obvious, what tends to happen with people who have a low emotional intelligence and low self-discipline is that they may identify a feeling (stressed) but instead of the ability to distance from that stress, they instead act impulsively, by avoiding a project that increases the stress, or by giving into behaviors that numb emotions like drinking. They don’t make rational decisions in the face of irrational thoughts and feelings and tend to be given to avoiding pain. 

The main problem with those that lack self-discipline is that most big things we endeavor to achieve all require a level of stress and hard effort. From losing weight, to getting a raise at work or even getting that job at all, stress and effort must be applied to earn things that are difficult but worth it.

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