slow cooker: The Ultimate Guide of Slow Cooking Cookbook for Tasty Time-Saving Recipes by Gooseberry Epstein

The Ultimate Guide of Slow Cooking Cookbook for Tasty Time-Saving Recipes

Slow cooker: the ultimate guide of slow cooking cookbook for tasty time-saving recipes


 then this book is dedicated to you to keep your dream alive. With great pleasure and dedication; I humbly offer you this slow cooker cookbook in order to help you learn some of the most professional cooking techniques you can ever stumble on. This cookbook could have never seen the light without your dedication, commitment and support. My dear readers; our success stems from the confidence you have put into us and nothing would have been accomplished without you. Therefore, dear readers, this book is a reflection of your thoughts and soul because you are my source of inspiration and you encourage me to write and come up with the best and most creative cookbooks ever. 

There are all sorts of amazing kitchen gadgets out there today, but one truly outshines them all: the instant pot. Your instant pot is the key to eating healthy meals on demand. It does literally everything you could wish for, from Steam, to pressure cooking, to making yoghurt. Some models even bake breads and boil eggs without a fuss. It is every single modern cooking gadget rolled into one easy package.

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When it comes to safety, it’s always good to consider several points. Remember that you are working with several different foods when you are prepping, and you can create opportunities where you can contaminate your food if you’re not careful.  For that reason, it is important to follow some standard safety tips.


1. Use multiple cutting boards.


When you are cooking, make sure that you have multiple cutting boards.  You should have a designated one for meats and a different one for fruits and vegetables.  In addition, always wash your cutting boards between each meal you prepare.  It may seem like a hassle, but it will prevent contamination.


2. Start with a clean kitchen.


Star with a spotless counter and clutter-free kitchen. Creating a large number of meals at once can fill your kitchen quickly.


3. Work on one recipe at a time.


Although it can be tempting to work on several, you can actually cause problems if you do. As I have mentioned, you can risk cross contamination, which can lead to food poisoning.  In addition, you can confuse the recipes and end up with the wrong ingredients in the wrong bag. 


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