Anxiety: The Awesome Guide To Defeat Anxiety And Worry by Taylor Andler

The Awesome Guide To Defeat Anxiety And Worry

Anxiety:  the awesome guide to defeat anxiety and worry


This is a guide to help you understand the symptoms of being over anxious, and then goes on to help you tackle the condition of an anxiety attack. Better still, it shows you how to recognize an imminent anxiety attack, and deal with it in simple steps. I don’t wish to complicate your life further, just to make it easier.

Everyday, many of us suffer under a range of fears. From social anxiety to crippling mental disorders that stops us from living the lives we want to live. Based on my own personal struggle with anxiety I was able to cultivate the strength from this weakness and use it as a powerful tool to help me get back on my feet and get closer to the live I've always wanted. I hope that this advice can help you as much as it's helped me and help you find what you are truly looking for.

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The first thing to note is that the easiest way to practice mindfulness meditation is by focusing on a single repetitive action. This action can be your breathing, a mantra, or the light of a candle. All your focus should be on that one thing. 

Start by going to a quiet environment that locks out all forms of disturbances. Once you are in such a spot, sit in a comfortable position and then start focusing on that one thing. For instance, if you choose to focus on the flame of a candle, watch the flame without thinking of anything else. If your mind wanders, do not be upset. Instead, return your focus to the flame.

You can also combine mindfulness with deep breathing. In this case, you will just need to focus on your breathing. Focus on every nature of how you draw in your breath through your nose and out through your mouth. As always, don't be critical of any thoughts that may arise during the practice and do not concentrate on any specific though; simply let them pass like clouds in the sky and instead, refocus your mind on your breathing every time it wanders and starts hogging the thoughts passing through it. At first, this will take much effort but with practice and consistency, it will get easier and you will learn how to be less judgmental of your thoughts.

Mindfulness teaches you to look at things without being critical. This observant nature will help you study your emotions and put your worries into perspective, which will then help you lessen your anxiety.

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