Leadership: Habits of Powerful Leaders To Win At Business And Achieve Success by Kim Greenleaf

Habits of Powerful Leaders To Win At Business And Achieve Success

Leadership: habits of powerful leaders to win at business and achieve success


Leadership and creativity are two of the most powerful forces on earth. Together they have dictated the course of history. They can be used for good or evil, creating a wide swath across the human landscape. This book is a study of these two forces using interesting, real-life examples. It is also a simple, straightforward course on how you can develop leadership and creativity in your own life.

Leadership provides the tools and content to help students form their own opinions about the eternal questions surrounding the mystery of successful leadership by revealing the true stories behind the great leaders of history.

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: leadership, decision making, development, influence, principles, skills, styles, tips, management, business, Negotiation, Persuasion, Communication, goals, habits, personal growth, motivate, motivation

Word Count: 4994

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Sample text:

Seth Godin is the author of the book “Tribes”, and believes that no two organizational groups can be handled the same way. We as people, differ from the crowd and the same goes for different groups.

Leaders take inspiration from other leaders and try to implement the same strategies for their own group of followers. Many times, the techniques work and leaders can’t be thankful enough. But there are times when the tricks backfire and instead of being a motivator, the groups are rendered useless.

The lesson to learn here is that all groups are not the same. The techniques that worked on one group can be ineffective on the other one. The leader has to be a judge of what strategies to implement and how best they’d fulfill the goals of the group.

During an interview, Seth Godin discussed that since all group buildings are different, leaders have to take different approaches. Here are some of the things that leaders should do to get in line with their followers.

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