slow cooker : The Ultimate Guide to Only the Best Crock Pot Recipes (cropot recipes) by Martha Alling

The Ultimate Guide to Only the Best Crock Pot Recipes (cropot recipes)

Slow cooker : the ultimate guide to only the best crock pot recipes (cropot recipes)


This book is just the answer you need to easy slow cooker recipes. You will be discovering healthy, quick and simple slow cooker recipes! Inside this book you will find healthy recipes for occasions and times of the day. The setting of the slow cooker gives you ability to adjust the temperature and the length of time you cook to achieve a very personal taste that can modify even the greatest slow cooker recipes in this book.

Slow-cookers are a fantastic way to create creative, delicious and nutritious meals while saving time. Imagine being able to heat up your slow cooker, drop your ingredients in and forget about it until dinnertime, when you come home to the aroma of a home-cooked nutritious meal. And these savory dishes will help you to lose weight. This book provides an array of recipes that can do just that. Be full and satisfied while slimming your waistline and feeling your best. All the delicious foods you could ever want, in simple recipes, even your favorite comfort foods.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!


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Sample text:

Although you can use your slow cooker any time of year, many people associate them with the warm, rich foods of autumn and winter. It's true that slow cookers are ideal for meaty stews and other hearty winter dishes. They are also economical. 

Regardless of what style or size of slow cooker you have, there are other benefits to using a slow cooker as well. Here are some to consider.


1. Busy Cook's Friend


The slow cooker can be a busy cook's best friend, especially if you are going to be gone all day. While quick-cooking foods can be convenient too, a slow cooker allows you to do something else all day while dinner cooks. There are some breakfast foods you can allow to cook all night, too, so that you can awake to a hot breakfast or have a meal ready to take to a morning or afternoon potluck. 


2. Extra for the Freezer


One of the great advantages of the slow cooker is that you can cook extra food for the freezer. You can have a slow cooker going any day of the week, including days where you are cooking regular meals, and simply freeze the meal when it's done.


3. Cheaper Meat 


Slow cookers allow you to get away with cheaper cuts of meat. The moisture contained in a slow cooker combines with a low temperature to tenderize tough meats and connective tissue. Also, you can make a very tasty stock using cheap cuts of meat and bones. 

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