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Dear Translator,

There are many books available for translation regarding bestselling author Jan Springer (Erotic Romances) and Jasmine Black (Erotica) for translators who have a MINIMUM OF THREE books already translated with Babelcube (not necessarily with Spunky Girl). No digital software translators please.

(Please note that due to too many non-serious applicants we no longer accept translation offers from translators unless you have a minimum three books already translated with Babelcube. This shows us you are serious about pursuing in translating more books with Spunky Girl Publishing.)

Thank you and Best Wishes with your Translation career.

Jan Springer is a full-time erotic romance writer and author of more than fifty books. She write contemporary romance, romantic suspense, western romance, romance menages, post-catastrophe romances, and more genres. I have been professionally writing erotic romances for twenty years and look forward to bringing my books to readers in other language markets.

Here is Jan's bio:

Kindle, All Romance, NYT & USA Today Best Selling Author Jan Springer writes erotic romances for Spunky Girl Publishing, Totally Bound, and Pocket Books. Past publiishing credits include: Ellora's Cave and Siren BookStrand Publishing.

She lives in Ontario, Canada.

Jan enjoys gardening, hiking, kayaking, reading and writing.

Below are some of the books I have written.

1. Cowboys for Christmas (Cowboys Online 1)

2. Cowboys In Her Pocket (Cowboys Online 2)

3. Loving Her Cowboys (Cowboys Online 3)

4. Inner Girl Rising

5. Menage (The Key Club 1)

6. Marley's Menage (The Key Club 2)

7. A Merry Menage Christmas (The Key Club 3)

8. Sophie's Menage (The Key Club 4)

9. Jewel's Menage (The Key Club 5)

10. Jaxie's Menage (The Key Club 6)

11. A Homecoming Menage Christmas (The Key Club 7)

12. Claiming Hannah

13. The Outlaw Lovers ~ Jude Book 1, The Claiming Book 2 (2 book bundle)

14. Colter's Revenge (Outlaw Lovers 3)

15. Tyler's Woman (Outlaw Lovers 4)

16. Resistance (Outlaw Lovers 5)

17. A Holiday Menage

18. Nice Girl Naughty

19. Sinderella

20. Roman and Julietta

21. A Hero's Welcome ~ Pleasure Bound 1

22. A Hero Escapes ~ Pleasure Bound 2

23. A Hero Betrayed ~ Pleasure Bound 3

24. A Hero's Kiss ~ Pleasure Bound 4

25. A Hero Wanted ~ Pleasure Bound 5

26. Captive Heroes ~ Pleasure Bound 6

27. Stripped Naked

28. Billionaire Boyfriend

29. Intimate Lover

Jasmine Black has several erotica short stories available for translation.

Taken by Two Doctors, Taken by Three Doctors, Taken by Two Bikers, Taken by Three Bikers, Taken by Two Bosses, Taken by Two Billionaires, Taken by Three Billionaires, Taken by Two Cowboys, Taken by Three Cowboys, Taken by Two Firefighters, Taken by Two Personal Trainers, Taken by Two Carpenters.

Jasmine Black writers erotica menage stories. She lives in Ontario, Canada and enjoys long walks, gardening, baking, reading and writing.

We look forward to working with you. :-)


Jan / Jasmine


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Astronaut Buck Hero didn't count on being held captive or becoming infected with passion poison when he agreed to explore a newly discovered planet for NASA.
Queen Jacey has always wanted to experience the pleasure of a male...
After years of being away from his pretty-plus sized ex-girlfriend, Sully's back in town and wants her back in his bed...
Astronaut Piper Hero is rescued by a dangerous one-eyed stranger. Why can’t she keep her hands off his luscious whip-scarred body?
Being seriously injured isn't what astronaut Joe Hero had in mind when he agreed to explore a newly discovered planet for NASA.
With her breeding status about to commence, Hannah escapes her captors and is on the run for her life.
There'’s no better way to intimately know the guy who'’s stolen Roxie's heart other than hopping on the gyno table for the hottest physical of her life.
Rachel has a very naughty secret and she’s way too embarrassed to let anyone know about it.
Dr. Kelsie Madison is going to indulge in a yummy Christmas present for herself - a red-hot menage!
Christmas is coming once again to Moose Ranch and with JJ’s due date approaching, she’s distracting herself from anxiety attacks by keeping herself ultra-busy preparing for the arrival of her baby and planning Moose Ranch’s first annual Christmas party!
She loved three men...until she suffered a head injury and forgot them, but now her memory is returning.
Human by day, and tentacle shapeshifter by night, sexy Gray Wagner is the last male Miranda would ever dream of falling in love with, until she begins to fantasize about all the naughty things he can do to her...
Interior decorator Lily Tiffany receives an invitation to participate in a menage at a private island estate.
During a secret NASA mission to locate their brothers on the faraway planet of Paradise, the Hero sisters become separated after they crash land...and find unexpected romance with the tormented alien male warriors of the species in this ultra-long scifi b
Sergeant Connor Jordan, wounded overseas and sent back to the States to recuperate, just cannot stop fantasizing about the sexy nurse who cared for him.
Years ago, Colter fulfilled Ashley's ménage fantasies, but now an unexpected encounter has them both craving more...
Jennifer Jane is getting three sexy cowboys for Christmas.
After spending ten years in a maximum-security prison, JJ gets unexpected parole and a job on a Canadian ranch serving up scrumptious dinners and lots of hot love to three of the sexiest cowboys she’s ever met.
Spring has finally arrived at Moose Ranch, and a single woman fresh out of prison shouldn’t be experiencing scorching ménages with her three sexy-as-sin cowboys...but she is.
Vampire Lisbeth Crowe has done her best to put her past as Satin, the Queen’s favorite blood slave, behind her—even if it has meant leaving three delicious, devoted lovers behind.
Kings Christian and Zane, believe their Queen mate may be a traitor and they’ll try anything to get the truth out of her.
Max and Nick have decided to seduce Allie back into their lives...
After spending years in prison, Milena Allen is unexpectedly paroled and given a job at a secluded Canadian horse ranch where she’s instantly attracted to her three sexy cowboy bosses!
When Michaela Long discovers a friend is engaged in illegal sex experiments, Michaela is forced to experience the same forbidden pleasures...
Ethan Durango, of the Durango Gang, knows sweet, uptight, sexy Dr. Liz is ready to submit to her naughty desires of a ménage...
Following an abusive relationship, Paisley Violette returns to the Canadian wilderness retreat where she was once had a menage e trois relationship with two men.
When ex-downhill skier Jade Hart’s two sisters give her a Kidnap Fantasies questionnaire, Jade is aroused at the prospect of having no-strings fun in the sun with a stranger whose only job would be to fulfill her every intimate fantasy...
A close encounter with death pushes Jaxie into making one of her most intimate fantasies come true...
She thought she would never trust a man again… until one night two truckers come to Jewel's rescue igniting delicious desires for a scorching menage a trios.
A fast-acting virus has killed a majority of the world’s female population...
A single woman shouldn’t be experiencing such scorching ménages with three sexy-as-sin men.
Single, soon-to-be mom, Marley, is having some naughty cravings - she wants a menage!
At the Key Club, author Claire Miller, is paired with two sexy men who will make her naughty fantasies come true.
When Summer is almost killed by a serial killer, she’s whisked away to a secluded wilderness cabin by the man she once secretly loved.
When most of the world’s females are wiped out by a virus, men treat women as submissives
In this dystopian a rebel group of young doctors are secretly tampering with their microchips and begin experimenting with intimacy.
Aniston is going to crack the icy exterior of Madilyn, and melt her heart.
Reena is trapped in a snow-bound cabin with two dangerously sexy men...
When a hit is put out on her family, Julietta kidnaps the enemy’s sexy grandson and forces a "union" between the two warring families...
By day, she's a dedicated gynecologist, but by night Dr. Ella Cinder escapes reality by secretly performing in her own version of Cinderella, aptly re-titled Sinderella.
It’s Spank-Me Ménage Night at the Key Club and Sophie is finally taking the plunge back into the spank scene.
Running from an arranged marriage, Juliette Dárques’ hides within Vampira, a secret clique of female vampires who live among humans and have sworn off sex with males.
Tattoo artist Catalina Brown falls head-over-tattoos for the stranger who asks for a tentacle tattoo on his…most sensitive body part.
After Zoe Miller’s car breaks down on a desolate road late one night, three dangerous looking bikers come to her rescue…in more ways than she can imagine!
Billionaire friends, Liam, Theo and Elijah have just won Princess Isabella in a billionaire card game. Isabella knows exactly what the three men want from her...
Stephanie's three bodyguards have very naughty plans for her...
Sierra has a plan to get out of her life of servitude and get back her beloved Rocking Horse Ranch...
Trauma nurse Georgina Rutherford looks forward to her naughty visits to her doctor...but this time he's not alone.
When Zoe Miller’s car breaks down late one night on a deserted road, she’s thankful her biker ex-boyfriend and his best friend Joel come to her rescue…in more ways than one!
On her way to her new life in Italy, while in a white stretch limo, Franco and Gianni will show Jill exactly what it means to be taken by two billionaires.
Trapped in the company elevator, Carnal Toys’ receptionist Carina Chantilli is suddenly at the mercy of her two sexy bosses, who make her their filling in a naughty manwich!
A gift certificate from her three besties has Colleen Rue ordering an extravagant pleasure machine from The Sexy Wooden Toy Shoppe...
Sierra is stunned when she’s “sold” to two sexy cowboys who demand she submit to their dark desires
Waitress Jean Spelling, visits her controversial doctor once a month for some much-needed…stress relief.
Nicole gets taken by Two male elves she’s hired to be a window elf at The Naughty Elf Workshop.
Firefighter Kendall Farell gets caught flirting with fire and rescued from certain death...and her rescuers want to be paid back for their help in a very naughty way...
When swimmer Kate gets caught in a storm, two lifeguards come to her rescue and they'll warm her up, nice and slow...
When pole dancer Chelsea White discovers her lucrative job is in jeopardy, she hires an extreme team to whip her back into physical shape. But her two personal trainers aren’t going to give her just any regular gym exercises…
Inmate Madeline is given a chance to work on the chain gang...and is quickly taken by two prison guards.
Wrapped in red-hot lust for revenge, Avery plots to murder the man responsible for the death of her son.
Seeking refuge from the Claiming Law, Callie Callahan hides in a deserted cabin in the Maine woods and is shocked when her ex-flame finds her.
Sky undertakes a dangerous mission into the dark sensual world of pleasure slave training...
When Teyla accommodates dangerous desperado, Logan Leigh and his two friends, Spencer and Cassidy, pleasure becomes addictive beneath their tender touches and their hard, muscular bodies.
A photo shoot never felt this good!
Laurie is thrust into a world of sizzling menages when the boyfriend she thought dead returns from the Wars...
Escaping life as a blood slave, Mati has disappeared into the human world, creating the powerful coven Vampira, where females on the run seek sanctuary...but now Mati's past has come back to confront her...
The instant Amy Sparks sees the handsome African American at her sister's wedding, she knows in her heart that he's everything she's ever fantasized about in a lover, but before they can meet, her mysterious stranger disappears.