Taken by Three Doctors (Menage Series) by Jasmine Black

Trauma nurse Georgina Rutherford looks forward to her naughty visits to her doctor...but this time he's not alone.

Taken by three doctors (menage series)

Trauma nurse Georgianna Rutherford deals with a steady stream of emergencies. She looks forward to her downtime, especially the naughty visits to her doctor who has an unorthodox method of helping her deal with stress. It starts with her putting her feet into the stirrups of the gyno table and having some wicked things done to her by her doctor. 
But this time her doctor isn't alone. He's brought along two of his well-endowed colleagues to help relieve her…unexpressed tension and they’ll do it by using some captivating medical toys...

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Collections & Anthologies

Language: English

Keywords: action & adventure, contemporary urban, mystery suspense, menage & multiples, bdsm medical, bdsm medical shorts for women, bdsm short stories

Word Count: 7100

Sales info:

Taken by Three Doctors is an erotica short story and is part of the "Menage" series which has in the past had combined English good sales at etailers such as Amazon, Google, and Kobo. 


Sample text:

I wondered how much information Dr. Ball had shared with them about me. Did they know that my experience with men was limited? Did they know that Dr. Ball had only penetrated me with his medical tools? That no one knew, except Dr. Ball and I about our little secret of why I came so often to his office for a gyno visit.

I tensed as my skirt and panties were lowered over my hips and along my legs. Everything was all happening so fast. And what was happening, should not be happening in a professional establishment, should it? Not that anything I’d been doing with Dr. Ball during our visits had been professional anyways.

Shudders rocked me as Dr. Cox began nibbling on my neck behind my ear lobe. For some weird unexplainable reason, the pain he inflicted with his sharp teeth made those shivers zip along my nerve endings towards my nipples, hardening them and swelling them into bursts of pain and pleasure. I whimpered at the impact.

 Dr. Cox reached around to my back and in less than a second, my bra dropped away from my breasts...

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Already translated. Translated by Agnes Ruiz
Author review:
Another lovely translation by Agnes. Highly recommend!!
Already translated. Translated by Beatrice Bartolini
Author review:
Beatrice met her deadlines, did a great job translating and is very easy to communicate with!! Thank you Beatrice! :-)
Already translated. Translated by Sandra Costa
Author review:
Thank you Sandra for a great translation! Sandra is easy to communicate with and met her deadline. Recommend!
Already translated. Translated by Alicia Queijo Rua

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