Taken by Two Bikers (Taken Series) by Jasmine Black

When Zoe Miller’s car breaks down late one night on a deserted road, she’s thankful her biker ex-boyfriend and his best friend Joel come to her rescue…in more ways than one!

Taken by two bikers (taken series)

When Zoe Miller’s car breaks down late one night on a deserted road, she’s thankful her biker ex-boyfriend and his best friend Joel come to her rescue…in more ways than one!

Please note: This is an erotica by Jasmine Black. The naughty without the romance.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Literary

Language: English

Keywords: taken by two, biker menage, menage a trois with bikers, alpha male, romance adult bdsm menage a trois extreme reverse harem bdsm taboo, contemporary short stories for women, jan springer portuguese

Word Count: 4300

Sales info:

Taken by Two Bikers is part of erotica menage  author Jasmine Black's Taken by Two Collection of erotica.

While on Kindle Select in 2016, it sold well. Upon expanding to other retailers it sells very well on Kobo.

So far there are 8 short Taken by Two erotica stories in the series collection and 3 in the Menage collection thus far.

Sample text:

Shoot! I’d hoped I could make it home — or at the very least to the garage —  before I ran out of gas, but it seemed luck wasn’t on my side tonight. I’d worked a double shift as a waitress at a truck stop in the next town and I was so tired I could barely see straight. That stupid gas light always popped off and on. It had a glitch and I’d hoped the light was just screwing with me tonight. Well, it seemed it did screw me over and good.

I looked out at the blackness and shivered as the cold October air crept into the car. Midnight had come and gone and there was literally no one living along this stretch of farmland. No way to get help. I’d left my cell at home this morning as the battery had died.

Man! Of all times for the car to run out of gas. Why now?

No use crying over it. I could either stay here and sleep until someone came along, or get out and walk the five or so miles in my skimpy waitress outfit to get to the garage my ex-boyfriend owned and lived in a room at the back.

Just thinking of Gil chased the chill right out of me. That man had a sexy way about him and I still wondered why I’d broken up with him. Oh yeah, now I remembered. He’d wanted to share me with other guys. Sharing turned him on.

I’d told him where he could stick that proposition, and I’d regretted breaking up with him ever since. The more I’d thought about his sharing idea, the more I’d liked it. But pride kept me away from him. I wasn’t going to go begging to get back into his bed.

I sighed and closed my eyes. And waited. I had almost fallen asleep when I heard the distinct rumble of motorcycle engines.


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