A Homecoming Menage Christmas (#7 The Key Club) by Jan Springer

Rachel has a very naughty secret and she’s way too embarrassed to let anyone know about it.

A homecoming menage christmas (#7 the key club)

Rachel has a very naughty secret and she’s way too embarrassed to let anyone know about it. When The Key Club throws a Santa Fetish Ménage Night, it’s almost too good to be true. She has to figure out how to participate without anyone finding out! 

Key Club bartenders Rob and Ron Simpson have fallen head over Santa hats for quiet, nice girl Rachel. She has no clue how they feel about her. But she will know, because Rachel is coming home from a trip to Europe and the twin brothers are going to give her the best Homecoming Ménage Christmas ever. They’ll do it with the help of some naughty toys, the Red Room, a safe word and…Santa Claus. 

A Homecoming Menage Christmas is part of The Key Club Series (see below). This book is also currently available in the Merry Menage Kisses Boxed Set. 
1. Ménage 
2. Marley's Ménage 
3. A Merry Ménage Christmas 
4. Sophie's Ménage 
5. Jewel's Ménage 
6. Jaxie's Menage 
7. A Homecoming Menage Christmas 


Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Sagas

Language: English

Keywords: erotic romance, romantic erotica, adult menage romance, bdsm adult contemporary erotic romance, the key club series, contemporary erotic romance menage, light bondage romance, jan springer, spunky girl publishing

Word Count: 20,000

Sales info:

A Homecoming Menage Christmas is brand new and is a part of Jan Springer's popular The Key Club series. It made good sales over the holidays reaching Amazon best-selling lists during late 2015 and early 2016. It was also a bestseller at All Romance eBooks. Currently it is available at various e-tailers and has good sales in total.

Book 7 of The Key Club Series

1. Menage

2. Marley's Menage

3. A Merry Menage Christmas

4. Sophie's Menage

5. Jewel's Menage

6. Jaxie's Menage

7. A Homecoming Menage Christmas

Sample text:


Dear Diary,

I have a Santa Claus fetish. That’s my biggest secret. Only you can ever know, except of course for a couple of boyfriends who just didn’t like dressing up as Santa out of season. They said I was immature, weird and totally off the wall wanting to be made love to by Santa Claus. I wish I was normal just like everybody else.

She closed the diary she’d inadvertently discovered in Rachel’s bedroom and frowned.

Wow, she’d had no idea Rachel was into Santa. She’d heard about women who got turned on by the red-and-black clad, white-bearded guy but…sweet and quiet Rachel?

She would never have guessed. Not in a million years.

She placed the diary back beneath the cushion of the chair by Rachel’s writing desk. She hadn’t meant to pry, truly she hadn’t. She’d just been doing the housecleaning for Rachel’s homecoming and she’d found her diary purely by accident.

She should have left it alone, but she was curious by nature and hadn’t been able to resist flipping through the entries until she’d stopped at the Santa Claus fetish entry. How in the world was she going to help Rachel without her finding out that she now knew about her Santa fetish?

She frowned and went about her cleaning.

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