Sinderella Sexy by Jan Springer

By day, she's a dedicated gynecologist, but by night Dr. Ella Cinder escapes reality by secretly performing in her own version of Cinderella, aptly re-titled Sinderella.

Sinderella sexy

By day, she's a dedicated gynecologist.

By night, Dr. Ella Cinder, escapes reality by secretly performing in her own version of Cinderella, aptly re-titled Sinderella.

When sexy colleague Dr. Roarke Stephenson shows up in the Sinderella audience on the same night her Prince Charming stands her up, Ella seizes the opportunity to make Roarke into her Prince Charming for one carnal night of extremely naughty fun in front of an audience.

But at the strike of midnight, Ella knows she must face the harsh reality that Roarke must never learn her secret life and they can never be together again. Until then, she’ll make sure he'll never forget their night of sensual play.

Dr. Roarke Stephenson is immediately captured by the lusciously curvy actress who hides behind a mask and is known only as Sinderella. For some insane reason she reminds him of his klutzy co-worker, Ella. But that's not possible. Ella would never have the nerve to do the wickedly delicious things Sinderella does to him, or would she?



Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English

Keywords: contemporary erotic romance, medical romance erotica, Cinderella style romance, doctor romance, adult toys, jan springer, spunky girl publishing

Word Count: 26000

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Also found in the Naughty Girl Desires Boxed Set which continues to sell well.

Sample text:

Chapter One

Desperation gripped Ella as she lay bound and naked on the gynecologist’s examination table. A fine sheen of perspiration laced her skin. Her hips undulated as Roarke penetrated her with the dual vibrator, creating incredible sexual tension. The rhythmic motions of the thrusts made her body hum, pulse, ache for release.

He’d kept her on the edge for so long, she could barely think straight.

“I’ve wanted to do this to you since the first day I met you, Ella,” he said. His deep voice smoothed over her flushed skin like a jolt of lightning.

“You want more, Ella?” he purred.

Excitement flared like a firecracker. She trembled with anticipation.

She could barely see him through the sexual haze. Could hardly see his sparkling, lust-filled green eyes or the sexy smile he reserved only for her.


She wanted him, not the freaking vibrator!

“I want you,” she pleaded hoarsely, and thrashed her head back and forth. She needed to come so bad. Needed release or she would simply go mad with desire.

“Please, Roarke, please make love to me,” she whimpered.

“And so you shall have me, Ella,” he said hoarsely. His face twisted with sexual hunger. His eyes glazed with lust. “You shall have my big cock deep inside your tight little pussy—”

“Good morning, sorry I’m late,” Dr. Roarke Stephenson’s deep, masculine voice slammed into Dr. Ella Cinder’s fantasy like a sensual punch, making her suck in her breath and spill her coffee onto the elaborate oak conference table.

“Christ, Ella! You’re such a damn loser!” her stepmother’s harsh whisper made Ella flinch and she quickly threw a pile of napkins over the puddle of steaming coffee.

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Already translated. Translated by Teresa Sassani
Author review:
Thank you Teresa for another lovely translation!!
Already translated. Translated by Pedro de Albuquerque Bandarra
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A great job. Great communicator. :-)
Already translated. Translated by Juliana Arango
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Juliana is a pleasure to work with. Very reliable and great communicator.
Highly recommended.

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