Jewel's Menage (#5 The Key Club) by Jan Springer

She thought she would never trust a man again… until one night two truckers come to Jewel's rescue igniting delicious desires for a scorching menage a trios.

Jewel's menage (#5 the key club)

She thought she would never trust a man again…

Until one rainy night two hunky truckers come to Jewel’s rescue, igniting delicious desires for a scorching ménage a trios. When she can no longer deny her cravings, she decides it’s time to return to the heat and passion of The Key Club.

Bring Your Own Toys Ménage Night is coming to The Key Club and truckers Adam and Carson are going to romance Jewel with an erotic evening filled with sultry pleasure toys, silky bondage ribbons and plenty of red-hot love.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: contemporary adult romance, love triangle, jan springer italian books, literature fiction erotic romance menage, romance erotica menage and multiples taboo , literature fiction genre erotic romance menage mfm with light bondage and adult toys, women fantasy the key club

Word Count: 20,000

Sales info:

Jewel's Menage continues to do good sales in total at e-tailers.

*** English version Sales Update ***

Being a participant in the "A Touch of Menage" Boxed Set allowed this story/box set to become a Top 100 Kindle Bestseller, a #1 Kindle Bestseller in the Romance Western, Holiday Fiction, Holiday Romance and Romance Anthologies & Collections categories at Amazon. (English version)


Jewel's Menage enjoyed bestseller status at All Romance eBooks website. It also had good sales thru Amazon Kindle.

Jewel's Menage is the fifth story in the Key Club series. Here are the books in the series:

Menage, Marley's Menage, A Merry Menage Christmas, Sophie's Menage, Jewel's Menage, Jaxie's Menage, A Homecoming Menage Christmas

Sample text:

“Darn, freaking storm,” Jewel muttered beneath her breath as she dashed through the torrential rain to her delivery van.

Apprehension prickled along the back of her neck and although she’d parked as close as possible to the rear entrance of the Key Club, heart-pounding anxiety pummelled her. It was dark and stormy. Way too dark. She wished she’d accepted Jaxie’s offer of accompanying her out here to grab the last couple of boxes of items in the van. But over the last couple of years, Jewel had forced herself to become as independent as possible. Perhaps she was too independent and had put herself in danger venturing out into the secluded parking lot alone.

With all this rain pouring over her, the water dripping into her eyes, soaking her red t-shirt and blue jeans, she wished she was tucked safely away in her warm little rental cabin and listening to the rain crashing against her metal roof. Instead, she was smack dab in the middle of it, just because she’d wanted to get this delivery done tonight. She hadn’t counted on getting caught in this unexpected storm. She cursed her stubbornness, and nudged one of the forty-pound boxes against her hip and then tried to slide the van door closed with her free hand.

“Can we give you some help?” A man’s deep voice rumbled out of the darkness and terror ripped into her like sharp blades. She would have dropped the box and ran, but the shadowy figure easily and quickly took the box from her and hoisted it into his arms.

Oh! She hadn’t seen or heard him. She turned to make sure she had an escape route, just in case, but instantly realized she’d parked too close to the huge trash containers and there was no way out. She was blocked!

She opened her mouth to scream, but to her shock and horror, nothing came out but a pathetic squeak.

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