Imperfect by Jan Springer

A Dystopian New Adult Erotic Romance Ménage

When Michaela Long discovers a friend is engaged in illegal sex experiments, Michaela is forced to experience the same forbidden pleasures...


When Michaela Long discovers a friend is engaged in illegal sex experiments, Michaela is forced to experience the same forbidden pleasures…

After learning her friend, Anica Maine, is engaged in illegal sex with the rebels, Michaela Long avoids a mind erase by volunteering to participate in a sizzling hot sexual experiment.

Doctors Flynn Campbell and Bryce Davids are immediately attracted to the cute brunette and swiftly introduce Michaela to incredible pleasure with their scorching ménages. Easily addicted, Michaela is determined to keep her newfound enjoyment and her sexy men a secret, even if it means facing Elimination if they are caught.

Genre: FICTION / Dystopian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Language: English

Keywords: science fiction romance post catastrophe menage, Teen & Young Adult Science Fiction & Dystopian, pandemic fantasy for women, biospheres totalitarianism secrets love confusion, Apocalypse series, action & adventure literature genre fiction, utopia dictatorship totalitarian government

Word Count: 12000

Sales info:

Imperfect was previously published as Michaela's Experiment with Totally Bound (England). It is Book 2 of a current 2 book series with more stories planned in the future. Imperfect enjoyed good sales at combined etailers and is now just being republished again.

Sample text:

The instant she entered her boss Anica Maine’s apartment, intriguing moans whispered through the living room, making a rush of alarm snap through twenty-three year old Michaela. Instantly, she located the room’s Red Alert button on a nearby wall. 

If she touched the button, the Order of Authority would arrive in bioseconds and assist. She took a step toward the button but another sultry moan drifted down the nearby hallway, stopping her cold.

The soft noise belonged to a female. Anica? She didn’t sound distressed. Contrary, she appeared to be enjoying something. But what in the world was she doing to create such unique moans?

A familiar crush of excitement zipped through Michaela and she bit her bottom lip and paused. Unfortunately, over the past several weeks her excitement had been getting her into a bit of trouble. She’d been warned by the Order of Authority to get herself adjusted yet again for her emotion problem or risk Elimination. Numerous attempts to curb it by the OA had been unsuccessful, and that was why she refused to push that Red Alert button now.

If nothing was wrong in Anica’s apartment and Michaela alerted the OA, it was one more black mark against her. One step closer to Elimination.

She blew out a frustrated sigh. She just wanted a peaceful existence, but the interesting moans intrigued her luring her deeper into the apartment. Tiptoeing down the hallway to Anica’s sleeping room, Michaela froze in the open doorway.

Sweet Biosphere! What is going on here?

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Great translation! Agnes delivered the translation in a timely manner and great quality with awesome keywords. Highly recommend!
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Nice translation by Gabriela! She met her deadline, communicates very well in English and did a great job!
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