Jaxie's Menage (#6 The Key Club) by Jan Springer

A close encounter with death pushes Jaxie into making one of her most intimate fantasies come true...

Jaxie's menage (#6 the key club)

A close encounter with death pushes Jaxie into making one of her most intimate fantasies come true.

Never one for mixing business with pleasure, Jaxie Smarts knows it’s time to break that rule. With the help of one of her best friends, they’ll make sure Jaxie gets the two sexiest hunks at the Masquerade Ménage Ball. But Jaxie’s well-laid plans quickly unravel…

When Ewan’s best friend, Royce, drags Ewan to the Key Club’s Masquerade Ménage Ball, he’s only going because he knows Jaxie won’t be there. Saving her life is one thing, but having his heart broken over and over by her is quite another. He’s sworn himself off Jaxie. Forever.

At the Ball, a seductive princess bride wearing a sexy mask captures his attention, unleashing a deep craving that lures Ewan and Royce to get her into their ménage bed. The last thing Ewan expects is to fall in love all over again.


Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: m/f/m romance, contemporary erotic romance menage, adult romance menage, masquerade ball, adult toys, submission, bdsm, light bondage, jan springer, spunky girl publishing, the key club series

Word Count: 27,000

Sales info:

Released July 18, 2015

Sales are good for Jaxie's Menage and makes good money in total with e-tailers.

Jaxie's Menage hit three lists on Amazon.

The rest of the series is selling well - especially through the A Touch of Menage Box Set.

This is Book 6 in The Key Club series

Book 1 - Menage

Book 2 - Marley's Menage

Book 3 - A Merry Menage Christmas

Book 4 - Sophie's Menage

Book 5 - Jewel's Menage

Book 6 - Jaxie's Menage

Book 7 - A Homecoming Menage Christmas




Sample text:

.Chapter One

“Oh come on! This is so not what’s supposed to happen on my first day off in years!” Jaxie screamed as a crushing roar burst from the Alberta mountainside right behind her. Instinctively, she knew what was happening.

One minute she’d been skiing down the pristine snow-covered slope, enjoying the crisp cold air slapping against her face, loving the perfect way her newly purchased downhill skis cut a path into the fresh white powder, and the next minute, the snow had quickly turned into her worst enemy.


Below in the valley, her best friend, Rachel, waved frantically in warning to her.

The rumble grew louder. Razor claws of panic stabbed into her. She quickly fought its icy grip, knowing she wouldn’t be able to get out of the way of the oncoming slide.

A quick glance uphill struck a fresh wave of terror through her. A huge white wall of snow about five feet high tumbled toward her at breakneck speed.

Darting a look around for any trees or boulders in the hopes that she could grab onto or hide behind, she saw nothing but virgin whiteness, bright sunshine and the blue, cloudless sky.

I am so screwed.

On a shout of frustration, she skied to a halt, tossed away her poles, and shrugged out of her knapsack. Ditching those items would make her lighter when the snow swallowed her. As she cursed her slowness, she slapped her hand on the emergency beacon nestled inside her pocket, unlatched and stepped out of her skis, knowing if she kept them on, the rushing tide might rip off her feet and break her legs.

She screamed as the concrete wall collided into her, slamming the breath from her lungs, and knocking her off her feet...

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