Taken by Two Cowboys (Taken Series) by Jasmine Black

Sierra is stunned when she’s “sold” to two sexy cowboys who demand she submit to their dark desires

Taken by two cowboys (taken series)

Sierra Allan works hard at her late-father’s horse ranch. When her step-brother adds her “handyman services” to a private auction to help raise money for the failing ranch, she figures there’s no harm...but Sierra is stunned when she’s “sold” to two sexy cowboys who demand she submit to their dark desires..

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: erotica, menage, threesome, cowboys, bdsm, auction, alpha males, ranch

Word Count: 10,000

Sales info:

Taken by Cowboys and the Taken series is doing well on Kobo. #1 in various categories. 


Sample text:

“So this is what you’re up to while I’m in the other barn sweating my ass off? Writing those stupid love stories again?” My step-brother snarled from the doorway of the empty stable I’d retreated to in order to write out my naughty fantasies.

I snapped my notebook shut. His comment made me feel dirty and despite the coolness of the barn, heat and embarrassment snapped through me at being caught sitting on a pile of fresh hay with my notebook in hand.

“I’ve finished everything that you wanted me to do. So I took a break,” I answered quickly. I didn’t dare look up at him. I’d learned he didn’t like to be challenged and he was mellow if he thought I was scared of him. The creep.

I could hear his heavy breathing as he stood there. Could feel his eyes rove over me. I held my breath. I didn’t dare move. I was trapped with him blocking my only exit. He knew it and I knew it. I needed to be very careful or I’d end up having to battle my way out. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d had to fight him off.

Yeah, sure I could scream for help. The one remaining ranch hand, who hadn’t been fired yet because we were running out of money to pay wages, might come running, if he was nearby. But I preferred to keep my problems with Sid to myself, mainly because I was embarrassed in the way he sometimes acted toward me with his groping tendencies. Besides, if I said something to my stepmother, she would side with him as she always did. She’d already said if there were any more complaints about Sid from me, I could just pack up and leave the only home I’d ever known.


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