Cowboys for Christmas (#1 Cowboys Online) by Jan Springer

Jennifer Jane is getting three sexy cowboys for Christmas.

Cowboys for christmas (#1 cowboys online)

Jennifer Jane Watson has spent the past ten Christmases in a maximum security prison. The last thing she expects is to get early parole along with a job on a secluded Canadian cattle ranch serving Christmas holiday dinners to three of the sexiest cowboys she's ever met!

Rafe, Brady and Dan thought they were getting a couple of male ex-cons to help out around their secluded ranch. The last thing they expect is an attractive and very appealing woman fresh out of prison. In the snowbound wilds of Northern Ontario, female companionship is rare. It's a good thing the three men like to share...

They're dominating, sexy-as-sin and they fill JJ with the hottest ménage fantasies she's ever had. Suddenly she's craving Cowboys for Christmas and wishing for something she knows she can never have...a happily ever after.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Western

Language: English

Keywords: Western romance menage, western adult contemporary romance menage, holiday western romance menage, adult western romance menage, Christmas erotic romance menage, menage romance, erotic romance, Jan Springer, Spunky Girl Publishing, cowboy menage romance, cowboy romance, cowboys online series

Word Count: 46000

Sales info:

Cowboys for Christmas is Book 1 in the Cowboys Online series. Book 2 is Cowboys In Her Pocket, Book 3 is Loving Her Cowboys.

***Update May 2017***

Cowboys for Christmas continues to sell well on KOBO, especially after the release of Books 2 & 3. A fourth book "Cowboys In Her Heart" is also being written with the same characters.

Cowboys for Christmas is a Contemporary Western Menage Erotic Romance.

Italian version:

The book has also done great sales in the Italian translation on Kobo.


Sample text:

Duncane Institution for Women, Quebec, Canada

“Yeah, perfect. Thanks for the favor, Jenna. We appreciate it. She’ll be there sometime tonight.”

Jennifer Jane Watson stared at her parole officer, Sabrina Heathers, as she spoke on the phone. The officer kept glancing at JJ with an encouraging smile and a hopefulness that JJ just didn’t feel. Actually, she hadn’t had an ounce of hope inside her since the day the jury had said she was guilty more than ten years ago on her eighteenth birthday.

It didn’t matter that JJ had killed her stepfather in self-defense. Or that she’d killed him because he’d just beaten her mother to death. Nope, the jury decided she was guilty of pre-meditated murder because she’d taken the law into her own hands and dished out the justice herself.

They’d been wrong in convicting her. Hell, mistakes were made every day in the judicial system, and she’d had to learn to live with that knowledge or go insane.

“I just confirmed the perfect job for you. All the proper channels are in agreement, so it’s a go,” Sabrina said as she hung up the phone. She grabbed a pad of paper and began writing.

Yeah, like JJ wanted a job. She’d just been locked up in a six-by-eight foot prison cell for, like, ever. The last thing she wanted to be was a drone and get stuck on some crummy assembly line or doing some nine-to-five receptionist job. No, she wanted her freedom. She wanted to do her own thing and pretend the last ten years had never happened.

JJ gazed around the parole officer’s tiny cluttered office and frowned at the small artificial Christmas tree set upon the filing cabinet. It looked dreary with plastic ornaments and artificial tinsel.

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Already translated. Translated by Agnes Ruiz
Author review:
Agnes meets her deadlines, communicates well and does a great job with the translations!! Highly recommend. :-)
Already translated. Translated by Fabielle Cruz
Author review:
Awesome translator! Fabi does a quick and accurate translation. A pleasure to work with and she knows the English language very well. Highly recommend!!
Already translated. Translated by Krishna Ortega Talamantes
Author review:
Krishna did a great job with Cowboys for Christmas. She was fast and met her deadline. A great communicator! Recommend!

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