Taken by Two Doctors (Taken Series) by Jasmine Black

Waitress Jean Spelling, visits her controversial doctor once a month for some much-needed…stress relief.

Taken by two doctors (taken series)

Waitress Jean Spelling, visits her controversial doctor once a month for some much-needed…stress relief. She looks forward to putting her feet up in the stirrups and enjoys Dr. Ball’s naughty unconventional treatments. This time when she arrives, she’s surprised to discover that she’ll be physically examined by two doctors and they’ll prescribe her some much-needed release right there on the examination table!

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Language: English

Keywords: taken, medical fetish erotica, doctor menage, sex with doctors, erotica menage, menage a trois medical

Word Count: 3800

Sales info:

Taken by Two Doctors is part of erotica author Jasmine Black's Taken by Two erotic collection.

Taken by Two Doctors has sold very well on Kobo and was #1 for a period of time from Dec 2016 - Jan 2017. The collection did well while on Kindle Select last year.

The other stories in the collection are also currently good sellers on Kobo.

Sample text:

Chapter One

Sky-blue eyes riveted to my face as I entered the doctor’s examination room.
Inside the room was a lean man, around my age. I’d never seen him before, yet he wore the traditional white doctor’s coat, and sat at the doctor’s desk writing something on some paper, acting as if he belonged there.

His hair was brown and somewhat long for a medical professional. He even had a sexy dark five-o’clock shadow on his chin and cheeks that I found quite attractive.

I assumed he was the new doctor who would be helping Dr. Ball with his incredibly busy and controversial practice involving stress relief.

“Have a seat, Jean.” His voice was clear, crisp, and business-like, but when I sat down on the chair beside his desk, I trembled at the sizzling way his gaze wandered over the swell of my breasts that pushed up against my silky summer blouse.

It had been hot working all day in the local diner, and it was even hotter in the doctor’s waiting room. I was the last appointment of the day and no one had been around while I’d waited, so I’d unbuttoned the two top blouse buttons, allowing some air to get to the perspiring valley of my breasts. In the way he was gawking, he was getting a nice view of my assets.

“I’m Dr. Smith. I believe you’re here for your monthly stress release physical, right?” he asked.

The intense way he was staring at me made me think that, yes, this doctor was going to do some wickedly delicious things to me just like the other one did. Did he know about my medical fetish? Did he know how aroused I got being around anything to do with doctors in white lab coats?

“Yes.” I sounded too breathy. I was too eager for this physical to start. My regular doctor did some naughty things to me…down there, when he did an exam.

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