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Shadoe publishing

A small publishing house specializing in LGBT stories.  We take chances on new and established authors, inviting them to learn how to market their books and get them out there.  We publish stories that mainstream publishers will not.

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A new love, an ex with vengeance on her mind, will she be found in time
Two women buy an island and build a life together
15 erotic short stories
A retelling of an old fairy tale with a lesbian twist
An abused girl escapes her childhood and goes out into the world to conquer it.
Traveling the Oregon Trail in the 1800's
You end up rooting for the charming thief!
A mother suddenly alone with her children learns to cope with life
Doctors without borders meet's nurse who is unsure of a same-sex relationship.
A series of short stories that are very erotica
A continuation of the incredible series
Fast cars, fast women...and a romance for all time
International intrigue and mystery involving two wives, murder, and diamonds.
A woman goes on holiday and meet a most intriguing woman
Falling in love with a ghost who happens to be your best friend
Family Life
Opening a dog spa/hotel with her inheritance
A witch, a private investigator, and a mystery...add love in the mix and what could go wrong?
Continuation of the wonderful story about a witch and a private investigator.
Goddess chooses anti-hero to fight crime
Sometime between Tasha Stewart witnessing the murder of her parents and the attempt on her life, she made a deal with a goddess.
They say she can find anyone, anytime, anywhere. An ancient goddess helps a bounty hunter.
Lexa Condon spent too much time in imaginary worlds until she witnessed a murder. Now the killers are after her.
A successful lawyer with a new promotion finally realizes she can love a woman too.
A serial killer is killing American politicians who aren't doing their jobs.
Meeting a woman from Germany, can they make it work when they live in two separate countries.
A lesbian serial killer takes her revenge, a real anti-hero.
A serial killer that you know you are going to love
The story of a lesbian serial killer continues
A lesbian serial killer trying to get home to her family is 'distracted' on the way home.
A lesbian serial killer must reorganize her life as she comes back from being missing and assumed dead.
A lesbian serial killer tries to fit back into home life as she reestablishes her relationships.
An old house, a real fixer-upper, and a challenge for this woman...did we mention the ghosts?
Alinta, raised in a simple land far from the white man, is suddenly thrust into their realm through no fault of her own.
Melissa Lawrence swims ashore in Australia.
Abigail is hiding from her father and her late husband’s solicitors.
What will happen now that the past is interfering with their future in the Outback?
Senora Mary Carmen Valenzuela Pearson inherits half a sheep ranch, called a station in the Outback of Australia.
Alinta Lawrence, helping her wife to establish a station in her native outback, learning white ways, is finding it a challenge for the primitive woman.
Nothing in Mel Lawrence’s life could have prepared her for living in the Australian Outback.
Forced into marriage with a much older man after her father catches her in the arms of her female lover, Abigail accepts her lot in life in order to save her family.
Having arrived in Oregon, the family starts to build their home on the claim
~A swashbuckling good time~
A female pirate captures a lady traveling from England
A woman wakes up 500 years in the future
What do you do with the one person who is supposed to love you unconditionally and instead is trying to take and dispose of your children?
A country singer falls in love with a marketing executive
Growing up in the Depression, she is desperate to find ways to keep her farm and her beloved horses. So, she joins the circus.
A continuation of the incredible series
Melissa Lawrence’s life had been planned out for her.
A middle aged woman realizes that she is attracted to another woman
A mysterious stranger comes to town with secrets.
What would you do after the last world war? Would you survive?
Finding an apartment to purchase in the city isn't easy...and then, they do!
Living on the prairie in the 1800's isn't easy for a woman, alone.
Life during the Great Depression is not easy, especially for a woman alone
A street person, thrown out by her family, becomes a lottery winner.
What do you do when strangers move into your home?
Sometimes true love takes time...
Meeting a superstar was exciting. Falling in love was inevitable.
A woman in the army disappears for five years and returns home with two children and another on the way.
An unhappy student meets a veterinarian that changes her life.
The family is in danger from outside forces
Living on a ranch the two young women are trying to make a go of their marriage.
A continuation of the incredible series