Insight by Jennis Slaughter

A witch, a private investigator, and a mystery...add love in the mix and what could go wrong?


When Delaney Delacroix is called to locate a missing girl, she never plans on getting caught up with a human trafficking investigation or with the local witch. Meeting with Raelin Montrose changes her life in so many ways that Delaney isn’t sure that this isn’t destiny.

Raelin Montrose is a practicing Wiccan, and when the ley lines that run under her home tell her that someone is coming, she can't imagine that she was going to solve a mystery and find the love of her life at the same time.

Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: Lesbian, Witch, Private Investigator, Mystery, Murder, Love, Romance, Erotic

Word Count: 221814

Sales info:

This book sold very well when it came out as well as the continuing series

Sample text:


Spots blurred her vision as she ran, stumbling through the underbrush like prey trying to evade capture.  Her lungs burned, desperate for more air as she gasped for breath.  Her body was starting to shut down on her, but she pushed on.  What had started as a simple quest for answers had turned into something much darker, and much, much more sinister.  Never in her short span of years would she have suspected such a small, quiet community to harbor such secrets.

Her feet tangled beneath her, nearly sending her to the ground as she heard the distinct sounds of her pursuers crashing through the bushes behind her.  They were getting closer, and she was getting tired.  Her initial struggle for freedom had drained most of her energy in the first place, and she had suffered a nasty hit to the head along with a few good shots to her stomach.  She’d been running for a good ten minutes now, unsure how much longer she could go on, desperate to get away.

Blood dripped into her eye from the gash in her forehead, and adrenaline was the only thing keeping her going.  She was lost, hopelessly so, having run blindly across the backfield, and in the dead of night no less.  She’d been hoping to make the forest line, and some cover.  Perhaps she could find a good place to hide, and allow her body some rest.  At least the initial brush had turned to tall grass.  For once in her life, she was thanking the Gods for her smaller stature. 

Auburn hair fell into her face, and she quickly brushed it away.  She was almost there, she could smell the pine, the tang of decomposing leaves, and she pushed harder.  Using the last of her energy, she struggled through the last few yards as she allowed herself one small moment of hope, if she could just make the tree line she might be okay.


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