Pirated Love by K'Anne Meinel

A female pirate captures a lady traveling from England

Pirated love

Lady Claire Von Hagen was en route to the island of Baleniesia, in the Caribbean, to meet the man her father had dictated she would marry. Lord Von Hagen, Governor of Baleniesia, ruled his island and his daughter with an iron fist, and he had determined that marriage to the distasteful, but wealthy and titled, Sir Edmund Fitzhugh, would be most advantageous. Lady Claire was sailing to Baleniesia to submit to marriage when her ship was captured by pirates. Her abductor, a pirate Captain known as Black Betty, had other plans for Lady Claire.

Claire had never experienced love of any kind, and she had certainly never conceived of the things that went on between two women. Black Betty taught her things that surprised her, and the freedom she experiences with this woman, and their developing love, capture Claire’s heart. From the islands of the Caribbean to the shores of Canada, and on from there to the continent of Africa and the Orient… together they experience things both had only dreamt about.

Will they survive the dangers of the high seas and the first years of a relationship that neither expected to find?

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: Pirate, Lesbian, Romance, Action, Adventure, England, Ships, Pirates, Intrigue, Women Loving Women

Word Count: 100236

Sales info:

Sold very well and was a best-seller

Sample text:

It was quite dark when Claire heard the door unlock and open.  “Put it there.”  She heard the curiously feminine voice of the captain and turned over from where she lay on the couch beside the window to see a pirate bring in a tray of food.  Its aroma preceded it and Claire’s stomach rumbled.  It smelled delicious, whatever it was.  The pirate left almost immediately, bowing slightly to the captain who looked around and spotted Claire on the couch.  Going to some of the lamps, she produced a sulfur match and lighted them one by one to bring light to the room.  She walked over to Claire.

“What is your name?” she asked in her upper crust British accent, which amazed Claire.

“Claire Von Hagen, but my family and friends call me Claire,” she said quietly, wondering what would happen now.

“Well, Lady Von Hagen, your fiancé was most forthcoming with information,” the captain told her, but did not continue telling with what information.  “Come.  Eat.  I am sure you want to know what I have in mind for you,” she offered, as her hand indicated the food on the table and her other hand was held out to help her rise from the settee.  Claire appreciated the courtesy, but found it odd that a woman dressed as a man would offer it.

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