Children of Another Mother by K'Anne Meinel

A mother suddenly alone with her children learns to cope with life

Children of another mother

Dealing with the death of your best friend,

the second parent to your children, and

your mother is hard enough, but Gail now

also has to deal with the house she had

bought for them to all live in. It’s a ‘fixer

upper’ and requires a lot of work for the

single mom. A new home, new life, and

new friends leads to a family she hadn’t

anticipated or planned for…


Gail is doing the best she can, trying to

deal with everything when Jackie enters

her life. They become good friends but

how was Gail to know that she would

change her life in ways she had never


Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Alternative Family

Secondary Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / General

Language: English

Keywords: Family, Raising children, Alternative Family, Strong Woman, Mother Alone, Single Parent, Single Mother, Unexpected, Making it on your own, Dealing with Death, Alone, Making your own family

Word Count: 59158

Sample text:


There!  I’d brought the last box into our home and we were finally able to close up the empty moving van.  We’d done it all by ourselves.  The boys were hopefully in their rooms emptying their personal boxes and tidying up their messes.  I’d see later.  Looking into my sunken living room I wondered what I should do first.  Sleep was my first thought, but that would have to wait.  I headed for the kitchen.  Slowly, box by box, I unpacked all the kitchen utensils and wiped down the oaken shelves, ready to make tonight’s first dinner and then realized that was silly; I didn’t have any food!  Moving must have made my brain dead.  I knew I had been a little light-headed today with all the last-minute details but forgetting food?  I was surprised the boys hadn’t been downstairs to demand dinner.  Curious, I headed upstairs to find them.  I found them both passed out in their beds in each of their rooms. The beds, the only thing that had apparently been unpacked…no sheets, no pillowcases, and boxes everywhere about the rooms but the beds each held sprawling boys.  Laughing, I shook my head and let them sleep.

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