Lady Shadow by Prudence MacLeod

Lexa Condon spent too much time in imaginary worlds until she witnessed a murder. Now the killers are after her.

Lady shadow

Lexa Condon spent too much time in imaginary worlds until she witnessed a murder.  Now the killers are after her.  With her young life about to be snuffed out, she cries out for help.  Lexa is granted the power to create imaginary worlds herself.  Flexing her new powers she goes on the hunt for the killers, but her power is strong, and seductive.  Will she be drawn completely into a world of her own construction and disappear forever, or will she gain control and bring down the killers.  It will be a long trail and will have to face her own darkness before it's over.

Killers are hunting for Lexa, but what they find is darkness and shadow.  Shadow and form, and then shadow again.  Even as they hunt her, mystery and madness hunt them.  And then there is that damn dragon.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: Lesbian, Dragon, Goddess, Romance

Word Count: 58611

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This is part of a popular series

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Everyone makes mistakes.  Even a goddess can make a mistake.  Giving things a second thought, Moragah wondered if she gave Lady Justice too much power.  Secretly, Moragah gave a little push to help Justice remain human.  She hoped it would be enough, as a frightened voice in a distant city called out to be heard. 



Stupid Mistake


Curled up in her favorite chair, dressed in her PJs, Lexa Condon sighed with contentment.  Lovingly, she opened her book and dove into the world of adventure, leaving the stress filled world, and the past due rent, behind.  Hours later she slowly withdrew her attention from the pages.  Loud, shouting voices from the next apartment penetrated her awareness. 

The Browns were such a quiet couple; she had never heard them raise their voices.  Frowning, Lexa pressed her ear to the wall.  “Goddammit, Bill, keep your voice down,” shouted a male voice.

“Keep my voice down?  For Christ’s sake, Frank, this is our own government doing this.”

“I know.  So what?”

“So what?  You know?  How long have you known?”

“I’ve always known.  You’re such a naive fool, Bill.”

“Well, we have to do something, tell somebody.”

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