Outback Heritage by K'Anne Meinel

Senora Mary Carmen Valenzuela Pearson inherits half a sheep ranch, called a station in the Outback of Australia.

Outback heritage

Senora Mary Carmen Valenzuela Pearson inherits half a sheep ranch, called a station in the Outback of Australia.  Already a ranch owner in Central California, this inheritance creates a huge dilemma for the Hispanic-American. 

Deciding to sell her ranch and travel to the Outback to see what her uncle has left her, she loads up her children, her cousins and their families, and her valuable horses and books a ship to Australia.  The journey will take months by water and many more months by land to get from Sydney to the station. 

Follow along as Carmen decides where she truly belongs and whether this Outback station will become part of her heritage.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Westerns

Language: English

Keywords: Western, Hispanic, Australia, Outback

Word Count: 39345

Sales info:

Very well-selling series

Sample text:

“So, you see, Mrs. Pearson, your uncle has bequeathed you half the entire ranch,” the big city lawyer told her patiently and a bit condescendingly, almost as though she hadn’t understood him the first or second time.

She nodded to show she was listening as she thought over everything he had told her.

“I also have an offer from the cousins here,” he indicated a letter on his desk, “to purchase your half,” he continued.  “I think it’s a fair offer and you should take it.”  He pushed some papers across his desk as he looked at her.  “If you’ll sign here, I can write them and arrange for payment.”

“May I have some time to think about it?” she asked uncertainly.

He was annoyed at the delay but tried to hide it.  “What is there to think about, Mrs. Pearson?  You’ve received a bona fide offer,” he stressed the words as though she were too country to understand them, “for your inheritance, which is half a world away.  I advise you to take the offer before they withdraw it.”

She nodded thoughtfully.  “Well, this is a lot to think about.  Uncle Jude wrote to me faithfully, and I’m shocked to learn that he died and all.”

He nodded.  He was sure she was shocked, although he didn’t know a lot about his client.  He was handling it under the direction of one of the senior partners, who owed someone in Australia a favor.  He wasn’t sure this country bumpkin understood exactly what she had inherited.  “Why don’t you go back to your hotel and think it over?  We can have another meeting tomorrow and discuss things while you sign the papers.  I’m sure you will have your monies in a few months.”

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