Erotica by K'Anne Meinel

A series of short stories that are very erotica


Story   1 Bent over Backwards

Unexpectedly taken over my desk

Story   2 Fantasy

What would you do to be with the one you love....this fantasy tale answers that question but not necessarily in the way you would expect

Story   3 Wet

How wet can you get?

I nearly drown as I make love to my girl in a pool...

Story   4 Family Night

Melinda & Em have Thursday night Family Night.

A warm loving relationship, a warm loving body, who wouldn't want to come home to that? What happens to Melinda & Em on Family Night...

Story   5 Bikini’s are Dangerous

This is what happens when I wear a bikini for the first time. A short erotic story that tells a tale for those who understand that BIKINIS ARE DANGEROUS

Story   6 Quickie ~ Against the Car

Based on a Spanish soap opera out of Madrid Spain, this short story is my take on what would have happened had I been there.

I was very angry when I was attacked...

Story   7 Kept

There are many ways a woman can be KEPT, not just financially, but emotionally, physically, and many more.

Alexis isn't KEPT in the standard sense of the word. She has her own life, her own money, she is her own woman, and yet Sasha keeps pulling her intriguing idea for all of us who wonder what it would be like to have unlimited funds to do what we want, when we want, and with whom...

Story   8 Quickie ~ Against the Wall

I'm taken against my will (sorta) against the wall...

I'm too tired to think straight when I'm attacked by my girlfriend...

Story   9 Quickie ~ Over the Couch

My girlfriend attacks me and takes me over the back of the couch...

Story 10 Mile High Club

Joining the Mile High Club isn't exactly what I thought it was going to be.

A short story that isn't quite what you expect it to be. Warm, loving, and erotic, joining the MILE HIGH CLUB wasn't going to turn out like expected.

Story 11 Ghostly Love

What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? What if that best friend is a GHOST?

Stacey is your normal teenager, living with the 'normal' teenage angst moments. She just happens to have a friend who is a ghost. This takes her on a journey, while it would have been normal for most people, it is guided by her friend Renata who just happens to be dead. As the years go by and Stacey experiences life she finds that love eludes her until she realizes it has been there all along. What do you do when the love of your life turns out to be a GHOST?

Story 12 Quickie ~ Under the Pier

It takes some persuasion but I take my girlfriend Under the Pier

Story 13 Bikini’s are Dangerous 2

Once again we prove that Bikini's can't be trusted, that these itty bitty scraps of material, are DANGEROUS!

Story 14 On the Parkway

We were apart for too long and couldn't wait...

The New Jersey Turnpike is an interesting stretch of highway. On the Parkway, we couldn't wait after stopping at a road stop...could I tempt her?

Story 15 Stable Affair

Their affair begins in the stable.  Firm bodies, flashing flanks, beauty...and the horses aren't bad either! It all begins in a stable...

Story 16 Dream of the Beach

A fantastic dream that they made a reality. Sometimes dreams do come true...

Hasn't there always been a place you wanted to go to, that you dreamed about? What if you made it a reality with the one that you love? All your fantasies and dreams come true?

Story 17 Bikini’s are Dangerous 3

Proving that Bikini's are more than just for swimming.

Bikini's are multi-functional. I use mine in a way that neither my girlfriend nor I had anticipated.

Story 18 Heel or Heal

When obedience is necessary to the relationship.

Claudia is looking for a new playmate/partner. Can she train one to her satisfaction? Brenda is looking for...she isn't sure what but in Claudia she finds a woman she can admire, trust, and eventually love. Can Brenda heal Claudia's cold heart?

Story 19 Wet ~ Again

How wet can you get?

I nearly drown as I make love to my girl in a pool of water...

Story 20 Kiss

A humorous view on Kissing

What makes a good kiss a good kiss? Instructional information on a humorous level from observations

and personal experience.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Lesbian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: Lesbian, Short-Stories, Erotica, Romance, Sensual, Novella

Word Count: 101145

Sales info:

Very good-selling book.

Sample text:

Bent over Backwards


I’m sitting in my chair, working diligently at my desk, when you come into my office.  A distraction, for sure, but I continue working nonetheless.  I’ve got a deadline, and I’ve been working incessantly.  You lean over the back of my chair to look over my shoulder and read what’s on my computer screen as I type away.  Your hands begin to knead my shoulders, massaging along my neck.  I begin to melt, as your touch never fails to ignite something in me.  My neck falls forward, but I continue to type, a sly little grin on my face.  You begin to use your fingertips only along my neck, brushing it lightly.  The tickling but sensual feeling of it is driving me nuts.  You can tell by my body’s reaction to it that I’m enjoying it immensely. I give up trying to work and fall back against my chair, and you take full advantage of this to begin kissing me passionately.

You slide into my arms as I sit in my leather chair.  Good thing we are home alone and can indulge ourselves.  We make out for a long time, swapping spit in a tongue ballet.  Our petting and fondling becomes frantic in our desire to feel each other’s bodies.  Clothing begins to be discarded until we are both naked.  You had to stand up to remove both our pants.  Straddling me in my chair, you grind your pussy against me suggestively.  My breathing becomes labored in response.  A fever seems to be gripping you, and you rub your body wherever you can against mine.  You can’t get any closer to me unless you went through me.


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Already translated. Translated by Sara Sudano
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I believe the translation was FINE. However, the translator ceased any and ALL communication when she uploaded the book. The formatting was horrible, she'd screwed up my original formatting so bad it took me days to fix it all. She changed fonts, she changed sizes of both the titles and the script as well as the pages!
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