Malice Masterpieces 5 by K'Anne Meinel

Books 21-25

A lesbian serial killer must reorganize her life as she comes back from being missing and assumed dead.

Malice masterpieces 5


She’s cold, she’s tired, and she just wants to go home to her family.  Those preventing Alice from reaching her goals are about to learn there is a steep price to pay when you get in her way.  With two civilians to protect from their enemies, will the horror she is about to unleash repel them or will they help her overcome the obstacles keeping her from her goals?

Alice is about to unleash the beast within.  Come along and watch as she makes decisions that may affect the rest of her life…they will most definitely affect others’ lives!


Alice is just finishing up a few minor details that have kept her from returning to her family—killing a few people that kept her away, blowing up a few things, taking revenge on the heartless…Can Alice FINALLY go home?


Alice is home and must explain to Kathy why she watched her family go on with their lives and didn’t show herself. 

While she watches her wife being set up by thugs in positions of authority and is forced to witness Kathy’s first foray into dating since being widowed, Alice struggles to control her murderous temper!  She must learn to be patient…very patient.

Come along for the ride as we see things from Alice’s distinct point of view.


Would you know how to bring someone back to life?  Well, Alice is not just a killer…she once brought her wife back to life.  And now, her wife has an opportunity to repay her.  But can Alice keep fact and fiction straight while trying to avoid sharing the gruesome details of her recent adventures with her teenage children?  What happens when one of the children learns some of what Alice has been through?  And what happens when Alice and Kathy realize their children aren’t the only ones aware of Alice’s deeds during her time away?  Join Kathy and Alice as they answer two vitally important questions: ‘Who believes they have damning evidence that gives them the power to control Alice Weaver?’ and ‘Can these two women salvage their marriage…do they even want to?’


Who is Alice Weaver?  The CIA believes they are about to find out…but are they?  Do they really want to meet the real Alice Weaver?  Perhaps, some things are better left hidden.  Some agents think they already know who Alice is.  After all, they have a file on her and so does the FBI.  But what they know is only what Alice wants them to know.  When Alice Weaver shares information with those in authority, they will be left scrambling for cover!

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / International Mystery & Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: Lesbian, Serial-killer, Murder, Mystery, Family, Love, Romance

Word Count: 134603

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This has proven to be a very popular series

Sample text:

“What is this place?” Alice asked Sasha, unable to read the Russian script.  They had flown on many airplanes in the last twenty-four hours and she was tired and irritable.  She was also looking for a hotel.

Sasha peered through the rain, barely able to make out the sign next to the door.   “It is a piano manufacturer,” she answered, wondering at the grin that appeared on Alice’s face.

Alice thought rapidly and quickly tried the door, making sure her glove was in place so no fingerprints would be left behind.  “Stay here,” she breathed in an undertone to Sasha.  “Do not touch anything…not the door, not anything,” she stressed.  Quickly she disappeared inside.  The door, although locked before Alice played with it, was not armed.

Sasha stared in consternation as the blonde disappeared inside.  It was not the first time she had wondered at the woman’s skills.  Who exactly was Alice Weaver?  The wait wasn’t long, perhaps half an hour, but the rain made the air cold and Sasha was tempted to go after Alice, however, remembering other times she had disobeyed Alice, she had second thoughts about that idea.

“Here, put these in the bags,” Alice handed her coils of what Sasha assumed was piano wire. 

“Wha–?” she started to ask as she unzipped one of their bags and started stuffing.

“We may need this,” Alice told her as she relocked the door and made sure everything was left as they found it.

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