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The family is in danger from outside forces

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Allyssa Herriot and her wife Fiona, are experiencing growing pains in this marriage of theirs.  From the large animal practice they established on their ranch, to the horse rescue, to their growing family…all will put strains on the marriage as well as themselves physically, emotionally, and economically.  Add in outside influences like the well-meaning friends, family, and volunteers and these things can add to the stress.

Trying to make a living on the remote ranch is hard enough, but in this modern day and age keeping up on the latest technology and ideas can motivate some and keep others from venturing outside of their comfortable little nest.

Will Allyssa and Fiona rise above the problems or fail not only at their marriage but at the businesses they have established together?

Join the continuing saga, a ranch, a rescue, a thriving veterinary practice and their lives as they juggle the things they are building together for themselves and their family.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: Ranch, Oregon, Veterinarian, Romance, Lesbian, Action, Adventure

Word Count: 119053

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Excellent selling series

Sample text:


Allyssa didn’t remember much about the ride back to the ranch.  Their intended shopping trip was forgotten as Fiona rambled on and on about being pregnant together.  Finally, sensing Allyssa’s quiet and unease, Fiona pulled over at the end of their driveway and asked, “Are you okay?  Aren’t you happy about your pregnancy?  This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

The shock was wearing off, and Allyssa stared unblinking at her wife for a moment as the sense of what she was saying began to penetrate.  “Of course, this is what I wanted.  I just thought it wasn’t meant to be.  When my test came up negative, I just accepted the result.  I didn’t think to question the result, and what if how I’ve been living—riding and going about my day as though I wasn’t pregnant—has harmed the baby?”  She suddenly touched her stomach wonderingly, remembering the feeling of being pregnant last year and knowing this was completely different.

“You are awfully     quiet,” Fey pointed out gently, worrying about Allyssa and her mood swings.

“I just realized…How in the world are we going to cope with two babies at the same time?”

“Just like any other new parents of twins cope with two babies, I guess.”

“They won’t be twins,” she pointed out.  She worried about all the complications they could face when the babies were born, but Leslie had assured her she was healthy and the pregnancy progressing normally.  She had also explained that no two pregnancies were the same, and Allyssa needed to take care of herself, not only because of what had happened the previous year but also because of her activities on the ranch.  She had given her some prenatal vitamin samples and a prescription for more.

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