Pioneering by K'Anne Meinel

Having arrived in Oregon, the family starts to build their home on the claim


One family’s saga had just begun…In the epic sequel to Cavalcade, we learn what happens to the Herriots when they arrive in Oregon and take up their claim. 

Erin and Molly arrive in Oregon with their family where they have been granted six hundred and forty acres of land under the Organic Laws of Oregon.  They must build their home, farm the land, and eke out a living on this piece of raw land.  Wolves, bears, and wildcats are the least of their worries in this new land.  Hard work and trusting that each will do their very best are the keys to conquering the wilderness as they pioneer their lives on the high plains of Oregon!

Come along as the Herriot family lives a life few have attempted in this wilderness near the Blue Mountains of Oregon.  You won’t want to miss Pioneering, the final half of the fantastic pair of prequels to Vetted and Vetted Further!

Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Claim, Oregon, Romance, Lesbian, Action-Adventure

Word Count: 90625

Sales info:

This was an excellent selling novel.  Won a Rainbow Book Award.

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“Six hundred acres!  Can you farm six hundred acres?” Molly marveled when Erin explained.

Erin chuckled and shook her head.  She too was amazed at the present they had been given for traveling to Oregon.  “Well, maybe not this year,” she answered modestly, sharing a huge smile with her wife.  She waited a moment and said with a note of wonderment in her voice, “Six hundred and forty acres.  Who’d a thought?”  Why, the farm back in Ohio had been only forty acres and they had fought for it with trees and Indians and rocks.  She looked at the land they were heading for, thrilled to realize that all they had to do was work it and improve it to claim it.  “We can also raise cattle, horses, and sheep,” she reminded her, their seed stock having made the trip with them.

“You already filed?” she asked, sounding slightly hurt.

“I did.  I didn’t know what I’d find here, and I wanted to claim it for our family before someone else filed on it.”

“Is the area settling up?”

“I haven’t the faintest idea.  We didn’t see anyone for days, and it will take us a couple days to get there.  But it’s ours, Molly, all ours!” she said, putting her arms around the smaller woman and swinging her around and around as she shouted.

“What?  What’s ours?  What’s going on?” the children came running.  Queenie started barking at the noise.

“Your pa has found our homestead and filed on it,” Molly announced, pleased to be the one to tell them.


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