Pirated Heart by K'Anne Meinel

~A swashbuckling good time~

Pirated heart

~A swashbuckling good time~

From China to India to Africa and home to England…Will the love that Bettina Carmichaels shares with her wife, Claire, stand the test of time?  Will it even last the second year of marriage?

Trading, pirating, sword fights, sea battles, near-drownings, and imprisonment…a sailor’s life may not be for all.  Come along as Tina, also known as ‘Black Betty,’ and Claire attempt to repair their failing marriage and survive sailing on the high seas…

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / LGBT / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: Pirate, Historical, England, China, Swashbuckling, Romance, Lesbian

Word Count: 110743

Sales info:

Very good-selling series.  Winner of the Honorable Mention in historical fiction on the Rainbow Awards.

Sample text:

As she made her way through the busy streets, Tina couldn’t remember being this angry before.  She didn’t bother with hiring a rickshaw, instead, preferring to push people out of her way, taking her frustrations out on anyone who dared to try and bump her.

What had Claire been thinking?  To get engaged to a man?  That man?  Any man?  She was married to Tina!  While it wasn’t quite legal, they had stood before God and man, and pledged themselves to each other!  Claire was her wife!

The walk back to the port calmed her anger.  She realized she would have to calm down to think rationally.  Her first thoughts of gathering her exhausted crew and storming the house, turning that party into a scene of chaos, would not help things.  She had to think this out.  She was so angry she almost kicked a ball of fur out of her way, her boot stopping mid-kick when she realized at the last moment it was a kitten.  Feeling low for taking her anger out on the helpless animal, she scooped it up instead and petted it as she strode along.  It was a healing balm as she stroked its soft coat.

“Captain?” a voice questioned at her elbow and she turned with a start, not realizing she had been approached until it was almost too late.  This kind of absentmindedness could get her killed if she wasn’t careful.

“What do you want?” she asked in a crabby-sounding voice.  She stroked the kitten to help keep her calm.  She wanted to take out her sword and run someone through!

“It’s that Chinaman,” the voice of one of her men said in an almost quavering voice.  He could see the signs of ire on his captain’s face and he’d seen her in a fury one too many times.

Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Valeria Leale
Translation in progress. Translated by SEGUN JUNIOR
Already translated. Translated by Andressa M da Silva
Already translated. Translated by Adriana Boccaloni

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