To Love A Shooting Star by K'Anne Meinel

Meeting a superstar was exciting. Falling in love was inevitable.

To love a shooting star

Erin Ingram is an enormously successful Hollywood star.  She has starred in, directed, and produced many films over her long career, starting as a child.  She has even won several Academy Awards.  She is also a closeted lesbian.  Will announcing to the world that she is in love with a woman destroy her long and successful career?  Is the world ready to let the ‘girl next door’ come out of the closet?

Meeting Erin Ingram was a delight and a surprise to author Kate McCall.  Better yet, there seemed to be an attraction.  Getting to know her she was thrilled at their relationship as it developed.  Her own career as a successful novelist made her more than equal for the talented Ms. Ingram.  Will announcing their relationship to the public destroy their love, their careers, or their blended families?

Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / LGBT / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: Lesbian, Romance, Love, Star, Author

Word Count: 82363

Sales info:

Fairly good-selling book.  Consistent.

Sample text:

Kate was standing and staring bemusedly at the striking woman.  Her shoulder-length hair was impeccably kept.  Its straight style charmingly framed her incredible face, and what a face!  High and sharp cheekbones sculpted from marble were a good contrast that ended in a pointy and stubborn little chin.  Two manicured eyebrows framed sleepy ‘come to bed’ eyes.  The only imperfections that Kate could see were a slightly irregular nose and too-thin lips; overall, though, the effect was startling.  Kate could not believe her eyes.  This woman was world renowned; she had won two Oscars already and would probably win more, and if not for acting, then for directing, producing, or a myriad of other talents.  She was so very, very talented and yet so underrated.  A quiet, unassuming woman, she valued her private life and kept it just that – private.  Every three years or so she came out with a consistently high-quality movie.  Kate quickly looked away as the woman sensed her staring and looked up.

  Kate pretended to listen as her agent and date told a very old and very boring story for the umpteenth time.  She heard it at every party, the same story, and the same punch lines.  Kate slowly wandered away, chatting with a couple of people she actually knew at this ‘Hollywood’ party, although it was miles away in Beverly Hills.  She hated this type of party and the sycophants that it drew.  Fred had insisted, though, that it wouldn’t hurt for the famous author Kate McCall to be seen if not heard.  Kate knew he was just blowing wind up her skirt.  She wasn’t famous by any stretch of the imagination.  She had self-published her first two blockbuster books.  That they had become blockbusters had been because of her own hard work and a lot of lucky marketing skills and tricks.  

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