A Lost Love by Jennis Slaughter

A new love, an ex with vengeance on her mind, will she be found in time

A lost love

Dawn Lorrayne isn't happy, and she is going to make sure that no one else is happy...even if her macabre plan for revenge is the last thing that she does. 

Laurel Taylor has moved on with her life, and has found a new love in Alex James. They are making plans to take the next step in their relationship. 

To what lengths will all three go to in order to fulfill their destiny, or will Dawn's violent plan end everything before it really gets started?

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: Mystery, Detective, Murder, Vengeance, Love

Word Count: 24380

Sales info:

A steady selling book

Sample text:

“Damn, it’s hot!” the woman thought as she gradually became aware of her surroundings.  She brought up her right hand to wipe her brow, but instead came into contact with something directly above her.  She opened her eyes to see a piece of Plexiglas covered with dirt.  Abruptly, her head popped up, hitting the lid and forcing it back down, but not before she saw that she was inside a coffin. 

There was a small light on the back wall so she carefully picked her head up again, this time to see that the sides and bottom were made of wood, leaving the sight of dirt about six inches above her face.

What had happened?  Her throat was sore and she tasted something metallic, but couldn’t place the source.  Carefully, she felt around and her left hand brushed against a piece of paper and something that felt like thick pencils.  Bringing up one of the ‘pencils’, she saw that it was a glow stick.  She surmised that the available light would not last for long so at least she had backup.

Placing the stick back down, the woman picked up the piece of paper and brought it closer to the light so that she would be able to see it better.

It read: “All I asked was that you love me and be loyal.  You did neither.  I am making sure that you never disappoint anyone else.  I will not be around to tell anyone where you are.  Think back on your mistakes.  You will not be making any others.”

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Already translated. Translated by Sara Sudano
Already translated. Translated by Andressa M da Silva
Already translated. Translated by Yanina Medina

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