Bill Thomas (author)

My name is Bill Thomas. I am have sold tons of my books.

Bill thomas

My name is Bill Thomas. I write funny jokes books for kids. :-)

I have written a couple of books on jokes and they are well received by the audiences. I am pretty sure you will like my book. You will not stop laughing. 

I like to make people laugh and this is how I want to make the world a better place. Afterall laughter is the best medicine and it multiplies when it is divided. :-) See you there!!




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Become an expert on decoding the messages hidden in body language!
Would You Like To Master Non-Verbal Communication and The Body Language of Others?
Do you wish you could tell when someone is lying...
Without Saying a Word explains how even the subtlest motions have meaning.
Communication Skills: How To Master The Art Of Nonverbal Communication
The New Body Language Book With All The Secrets Is Finally Here!
Would you be interested in a skill that helps you understand people better?
Discover How to Become More Successful
Would You Like To Master Non-Verbal Communication and The Body Language of Others?
Do you ever find yourself wondering what other people are thinking?
People will make their mind about you in a matter of seconds.
Wish you knew the secret to sky-high charisma and a powerful presence?
Improve Your Communication Skills- How to Read Peoples Body Language
Improve Your Communication Skills- How to Read Peoples Body Language
Improve Your Communication Skills- How to Read Peoples Body Language
This book explains how to read other people and what you are saying with your own body language.
You need to know whether people care about what you do and/or say.
People lie, but there is one thing that never lies, their body.
Discover the Psychology Secrets of How to Read and Understand Non-Verbal Communication
Body Language And How It Can Create Amazing Results In All Areas Of Your Life!
Do you ever wonder what other people are thinking?
Stop Missing What's REALLY Going On and GET CLUED IN!
How much do you really know about body language?
Your Summarized Guide to Successfully Reading People!
Body Language: Master the Art of Nonverbal Communication & Speed-read What Everybody Is Saying
Do you ever wonder what other people are thinking?
Master The Art Of Body Language!
Are You Ready To Stop Beating Around The Bush And Find Out If She Likes You?
Have you ever been talking to someone and wanted to know what they were thinking?
Body Language SECRET HACKS to Help Improve your Nonverbal Communication, Social, Negotiation, Speaking Skills
Do you struggle to get your point across to people?
Body Language And How It Can Create Amazing Results In All Areas Of Your Life!
Have you ever wondered what was going on through a person’s head?
Imagine how different your life would be if you truly knew how to read the other people in your life.
Discover the Psychology Secrets of How to Read and Understand Non-Verbal Communication
A practical guide on how to read body features.
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