Minecraft: Battle of Legends Book 1 by Alex Anderson

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Minecraft: battle of legends book 1


Wanna see some nail biting, pulse racing action!! Don't wait. Grab this book!!

This is the ultimate saga where 'Minecraft Ninja' & 'Minecraft Agent' series merge together. It is one of the rarest adventure that happened in the world of Minecraft.

Get ready for jaw dropping, exhilarating, fast paced story with enough twist & turns to keep you interested till the end and on top of that this is just the beginning!!

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Language: English

Keywords: minecraft, minecraft book, minecraft diary, minecraft seeds, minecraft toys

Word Count: 11979

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Sample text:

This is one untold story of an extremely rare adventure that happened in the world of Minecraft. It is well documented in the “Top secret archived records of Minecraft”, also known as “X-Files”. They are not accessible to anyone. This adventure is known as “The Battle of Legends”. It’s one of the greatest adventures in the world of Minecraft.

The world of Minecraft exists in a multiverse. That means that many universes co-exist at the same point in time and at the same place without disturbing each other. In other words, there are alternative timelines or parallel worlds existing simultaneously. A person can exist in many different universes at the same point in time. In some universes, he may be a king or hero whereas in some he may be a villain.

This story relates to two alternative timelines existing simultaneously in the World of Minecraft. One timeline was of “Gang of Ninjas” and another was of “Minecraft Agent”. Many centuries ago, the Dark Lord who is the Supreme Master of dark energy, lost its most powerful warrior “Vertigo”.

That creature was so powerful that it had the power to destroy 10 galaxies. He was blowing up the galaxy after galaxy, clearing the way for the Dark lord to take over the universe and become its unrivaled Master. “The secret society of brotherhood”, who were the guardians of the universe were afraid as to what might this monster do if he is not tamed or captured. They used to remain tensed and think about how to get rid of this monster. No plan seemed to work on that monster. He was just so powerful. Finally, one day, he was lured into a trap by the white knight, one of the members of secret society. He was captured in some distant part of the universe, where there was no life, no energy. A part of the universe called “Abyss”.

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