Cryptocurrency: How to invest and trade in Cryptocurrency by Alex Voss

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Cryptocurrency: how to invest and trade in cryptocurrency


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In this book you’ll find everything you need to know about the Bitcoin world and the blockchain technology. You’ll discover all the websites and softwares that will give you the ability to earn money trading and investing in bitcoins, and all the tools and platforms you can use to mine bitcoins for a profit.

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Ever wondered why they're called miners instead of minters or validators or authenticators?  Good question!  The reason for this is the work they do is more akin to digging for gold and diamonds that are already existing instead of making or producing it themselves.  By working validating and authenticating cryptocurrency transactions, miners "find" or receive newly minted cryptocurrencies - units that are already there but not yet released into the market.  If you call them minters, it means they were the ones who created the cryptocurrency units.  The real minters, in this case, are the creators of the cryptocurrencies themselves and the protocols and source codes they designed that regulate the release of new cryptocurrency units.

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