Self-discipline: a simple guide with challenge to overcome procrastination and achieving goals


In this book you will find proven techniques and strategies that will propel you into the ranks of those who seem to have it all. This is a step by step guide that will explain to you the essentials for developing Self-Discipline which is the foundation to accomplishing your goals and living the life you deserve. 

Where you end up in life is determined by a number of times you fall and get up, and how much pain and discomfort you can withstand along the way. The path to an extraordinary accomplishment and a life worth living is not innate talent, but focus, willpower, and disciplined action. 

Most self-control books teach the basic white-knuckle approach to discipline, but with this powerful self-discipline and willpower book, you can understand the barriers to progress, like excuses, blame, and denial. You’ll have the strength to see reality as it really is – and start telling yourself the truth. giving yourself simple, easy-to-achieve goals and choices, you can rewire your brain for success!

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Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: PHILOSOPHY / General

Language: English

Keywords: overcome shyness, fear, stress, Spiritual habits, bad habits, success, power, happiness, procrastinatio, self discipline, Successful, Mindset, habit stacking, potential, Focus, Pareto Principle, grit, self esteem, discipline, productivity, focus

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Sample text:

Once you start on a project, let’s say a business venture, you will still continue working on it, even if the initial enthusiasm is beginning to fade. Some may stop once the enthusiasm decreases, but in your case, you even build up excitement within yourself as you progress through your venture.


Saving money is best achieved when you have self-discipline. When you are disciplined enough, you will not buy on impulse, and instead keep a portion of your salary once you get a hold of it. You avoid shopping when it is unnecessary, and you avoid eating out at expensive restaurants if your budget does not call for it.


Having self-discipline could even make you go the extra mile by placing your savings in secure investments to better prepare for the future. Saving is indeed good, but placing your money in an investment vehicle is even better, since you are giving your money the opportunity to grow, and substantially at that.

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