Body Language: How to be a lie detector by Joe Wezowski

People will make their mind about you in a matter of seconds.

Body language: how to be a lie detector


Featuring case studies based on the authors’ real-life experiences in the field – involving ‘turned’ assets, KGB moles and criminal government officials – it reveals the methodology developed and used by the CIA to detect deception in the realms of counterterrorism and criminal investigation, and shows you how you can apply these techniques in your daily life.

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The Enneagram is a powerful ancient tool used to help individuals recognize their personality types and thus understand better their actions, thoughts, and feelings in a more intimate manner. Tina Madison has used this effective instrument during her medical consulting for many years, developing a deep understanding of its application in todays world.

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Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: Psychology, personality, relationship, body language, body language secrets, body language training, how to analyze people, NLP and Persuasion for Manipulation, Influence, Communication, communication skills, effective communication

Word Count: 5013

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Sample text:

During your early years in this world, you've probably tried to decode your parents' reactions based on their facial expressions. When they frowned, you knew that they won't buy you the new toy you've been dreaming of. When they smiled, however, you started jumping even if they haven't actually said “Yes.”


Now that you have become more mature (hopefully), detecting whether people agree with you has become mandatory. This ability is extremely important for employees, negotiators and lovers.

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