Bernard Levine (author)

Words To Treasure
For more than 30 years, Bernard Levine has written the romantic and inspirational words, published in Greeting Cards and Posters.

Bernard levine

Bernard Levine is the author of 52 published books on sale both locally and internationally at more than 700 bookstores. Bernard's books have been translated into 12 languages and are also available as Audio-books.
Awesome Love
Hidden Secrets of the Jewish World Now Revealed
Passionately Praise Jesus
What would you do for the one you love?
Who took the name of God out of the Bible?
100's of Opportunities for you to make money
How to witness to Jews about Jesus...what Christians need to know
You are not supposed to know the Secrets of the Jews (Secrets of the Jewish World) (Volume 3)
Intimate Sex Secrets of the Jews
The Best of Bernard Levine
The Secrets of the Jews: (What Christians don't know about the Jewish religion, traditions and way of life)
How to find a job quickly and easily
Make money collecting books, get free celebrity autographs and more!
Expert Telemarketing: How to Urgently Get Lots of Sales Appointments
The Secrets of the Jewish World (What Christians don’t know about the Jewish religion, traditions and way of life Book 1)
Why I left the Jewish religion to follow Jesus
How to meet your soul mate: There is someone very special waiting to meet you
There Is Nothing to Pay!: Get It All for Free...
Meet Freddy the friendly Fireman
How to please your loved one ( in 100 different ways ): The magic of romantic love
Children love Nursery Rhymes
Children love to tell jokes
Get paid for the poems you write
How To Receive Your Miracle
The Fun Conversation Book
Change Your Destiny
A Book Full of Wonderful Exciting Surprises
Meet Tommy the funny Toy Maker
How to get paid appearing in TV Ads and Soapies
The Secrets of Life: Inspiration you will never forget!
Make money collecting everyday easy to find items
The World's Best Loved InspirationSave the Jews: What Jewish people do not know about JesusDo you remember?: All the fun stuff is here! 
Children Love to Sing: Teach your children the songs you sang when you were a child

How to make your life more exciting

You can never say ‘Thank You’ enough to Jesus

The Jewish Confidential Files never published before!

When you pray, God sends angels

Did you live? Did you love? Did it matter?

Darling, I want you to know how very special you are to me

Have you heard there are going to be prizes handed out in heaven?

What would you do if you saw Jesus?

The Bernard Levine Christian Library

Your Favorite Bernard Levine Christian Books

How to Get Paid and Start Earning a Good Income

Thank God for His Angels that Watch Over You

Thank God for the day that Jesus took your place

Caring is going to the ends of the world for a stranger

When Jesus comes, how will you know it is really Jesus?

The best thing you can do for your life is pray

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If you want to have more money coming into your bank account every month…. Then this book is a life-saver.
This is a 'feel good book' ....and look what's inside waiting for you!
Touching hearts and changing lives.
You will change lives with the gift of love.
Follow your heart to the things that will make you happy and embark on a life path you will be proud of.
This is a book that children will treasure and look at over and over again.
This entertaining book will give your children hours of happiness and pleasure.
Children love to laugh.
Let your love-life sizzle with excitement and passion!
Every morning, God sends two angels from heaven to come and visit us
Come along with me on a fun nostalgic trip down memory lane.
Secrets of telemarketing
Get ready to laugh!
If you want to make your writing dreams come true and get cash for your poetry, this unique book is especially for you.
What prizes will you receive in heaven?
The hidden secrets are now revealed what really goes on in the Jewish world.
We are not going to be doing what every body else is doing to try to get a job. We are going on a very different route for you to get a job.
No more worrying about money!
Make money appearing in TV Advertisements and Soapies
This book will take you on a thrilling journey filled with extraordinary finds, wonderful surprises and truly rare gems
There is someone very special waiting to meet you.
Love grows when you let someone know that you care.
Let the miracles you so long for, start to come into your life!
How do you witness to Jews about Jesus?
This volume is an all-new edition with confidential information that has never been published before. You will be shocked by the strange practises of the Jewish community.
You will have fun collecting and make a huge profit!
Collecting is so exciting, great fun and very profitable!
I'm Freddy the friendly Fireman. I have got lots of interesting stories to tell you.
Come inside my Toy Factory and see all the exciting toys I've got.
What Jewish people do not know about Jesus
If you are longing to be close to Jesus, this book is for you.
It’s not what you are doing... It’s what Jesus did!
A classic collection of three books in one
Bernard Levine's words have inspired, encouraged and brought joy to thousands of devoted readers.
Prayer is like baking a cake… you must put all the ingredients in for it to turn out right!
What would your loved one and friends say?
The surprising disclosures in this book have been hidden from the world for so long.
Inspiration you will never forget!
This book will open the door to exciting new discoveries about the secrets of the Jewish religion, traditions and the Jewish way of life.
My family does not want to know me because I believe in Jesus.
The World's Best Loved Inspiration will be the magic to lift your life to soar to greater heights.
Unforgettable Love Lives
What would it be like to meet Jesus?
How would you recognize Jesus?
Don’t miss the many opportunities you have to lay up for yourself treasures in heaven
Isn’t it shocking that the precious holy name of the Heavenly Father has been removed from His own book almost 7000 times. How do you think God feels?
You will shocked to find out what’s going on in the Jewish world.
You will definitely be surprised, maybe even be shocked as you discover what really goes on in the Jewish world.
Did you ever expect that a King would bleed and die for you?
Your favorite Bernard Levine Christian books