How To Receive Your Miracle by Bernard Levine

Let the miracles you so long for, start to come into your life!

How to receive your miracle

This book is an exciting book that will make you very happy as you begin to discover the secrets of life, happiness and success.


Be true to yourself and follow your heart.


Let the miracles you so long for, start to come into your life!


Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Prayer

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Inspirational

Language: English


Word Count: 7174

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Even the little things

Don’t take God for granted…thank God for even the little things….did you ever say thank you to God for water?....where would we be without water? …..thank God for the streams, rivers, waterfalls, the oceans, the springs and the rain ….how about saying thank you to God for sand?....that’s right, I’m being serious, without the soil, the earth….without the ground ….we won’t have food….there would not be vegetables or fruit ….nor flowers, nor trees and grass!

Why is it so important to say thank you to God?

Imagine that you are a child and on Monday you come to your father and ask him for money for clothing….without hesitation, he gives this to you….then on Tuesday, you come again and ask for more money to go out and have a good time with your friends….and again he lovingly gives this to you….and a few days later, you ask your father again for something that you want….How does your father feel? ….every time you ask for something, but he never hears you say ‘thank you’….your father begins to feel that you are always demanding more and more without showing appreciation.

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Already translated. Translated by Petro Ebersöhn
Author review:
Petro's words are very precious and beautiful filled with so much love...truly inspirational!
Already translated. Translated by M. D.
Author review:
Melissa D is a real expert who is highly skilled and gifted at translating from English into the French language....Melissa D's translations are always exceptionally brilliant! Bravo Magnifique!
Already translated. Translated by Valeria Bragante
Author review:
Valeria's Italian translation is a work of art...a very beautiful and precious masterpiece!
Already translated. Translated by Zachary Watts
Author review:
When Zachary interprets your work into Japanese, you are guaranteed that he will provide you with a rare masterpiece .
I especially like the beautiful words which Zachary has chosen for my book.
Already translated. Translated by Pernille Einan
Author review:
Pernille's words are very inspiring, heartfelt and life-changing imparting a feeling of great happiness and triumph to the reader.
Already translated. Translated by Melissa Maia Moscoso
Author review:
Melissa's words are valuable treasure, filled with love and dedication bringing people closer to God...So rare!
Already translated. Translated by Axel Uriel Fuchs
Author review:
Axel, is a prodigy in Spanish translation with words so invigorating giving new life to the soul. Phenomenal!

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