What would you do for the one you love? by Bernard Levine

Unforgettable Love Lives

What would you do for the one you love?

Some people will do anything for love.
Would you give up your worldly possessions for love?
Would you move and start a new life in a far-away country for the one you love? 
Would you swim to the bottom of the deepest ocean or climb to the top of the highest mountain?
Would you be ready to stop smoking or drinking to please the one you love?
Would you do all you can to make your partner happy?
How deep is your love?

Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance

Secondary Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Friendship

Language: English

Keywords: bernard levine, love', romance, dating, marriage, life, engagement, relationship

Word Count: 5177

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This book is brand new published on 15th November 2017.

Sample text:


What is this thing called love?

Daisy and Tuck were Mom and Dad’s friends.

We would often go and visit them on the weekend.

They were customers and supported all the suburban businesses by having accounts at the butchery, the hardware store, the petrol station, the pharmacy, the corner cafe and even our local cinema.

Daisy loved buying the most expensive bottles of perfume that she could find…while Tuck felt that he just didn’t have enough fishing tackle, tools and hardware and would carry on buying more and more.

At the end of the month, when they received their  account statements, there was never enough money to pay for everything.

So, what they would do was pay $50 to the one business and $100 to store.

Often, while visiting Daisy and Tuck at their home, it was the norm to see them argue about their money situation.

One Sunday afternoon, Daisy got behind the couch where Tuck was sitting and then went and hit Tuck on the head with her frying pan…as she ran away, Tuck would grab objects like the glass vase and throw it straight at Daisy.

This carried on and on and Daisy would duck and throw her porcelain plates at Tuck, bending low to avoid being hit by the flying objects that Tuck was throwing at her.

Eventually, they both stopped, tired and exhausted sitting down and talking to each other as if nothing happened at all.

Daisy and Tuck have been happily married for more than 40 years, and the one partner couldn’t live without the other.

So, what’s the moral of the story?

No matter what happens, come what may, true love  will never die…through thick and thin, they stick together for better or worse. 

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N'DOUA Diby Gaston tells the stories of how different people react to love that will enthrall and live long in your mind. Most enjoyable!
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I am thrilled with Olga Tsamoutali's delightful and entertaining interpretation of my book.
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I am greatly blessed and privileged to have found Helena. Her translation of my work is a showpiece of high exceptional quality. Incredible!
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Denisse Herrera's translation of my book is outstanding...I could not wish for anything better. Brilliant!

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