A Book Full of Wonderful Exciting Surprises by Bernard Levine

This is a 'feel good book' ....and look what's inside waiting for you!

A book full of wonderful exciting surprises

You will love reading about

How to cover 30 numbers on the roulette table using only 5 chips.

How to play any song on guitar or piano with only 3 chords.

The world’s greatest mind reading card trick.

How to sell your sheet music for hundreds of dollars.

What’s the value of your Comic collection?

Companies who will pay you for your photos on their products.

Teach English as well as other lessons

online and earn a second income.

How would you like to get free scripts of radio shows, TV, movies and plays that you love?

Discover which letter of the alphabet is printed upside down in the Bible.

Plus so much more!

Join the fun!


Genre: GAMES / Magic

Secondary Genre: GAMES / Gambling / Table

Language: English

Keywords: bernard levine, hobbies, family, magic, comics, fun, cars, toys, games, autographs, movies, money, music, guitar, stamps, love, success

Word Count: 7362

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Brand new book released on 27th April 2017.

Sample text:

The Fascinating Hobby of Collecting Postage Stamps

Did you know there are postage stamps that are not made out of paper?

Yes, countries like Bhutan, Tonga, Sierra Leone to name just a few, have issued gold-foil

stamps, silk material stamps from Thailand, plastic 3D stamps from Bhutan, heart shaped

stamps from France and Tonga, even wooden postage stamps from Paraguay and

Switzerland, there is an embroidered stamp from Austria and there are stamps that have

perfume in the ink also from Bhutan.

You can find Chocolate flavored stamps from Brazil, cork stamps from Portugal and Ecuador,

there is even a stamp with meteorite dust from Austria, stamps covered with real beads

from Singapore, Russian stamps containing clay particles, New Zealand issued hologram stamps,

Austria has Swarovski crystal coated stamps, and Britain has stamps with chocolate flavored


There are many collectors who love collecting First day covers.

When the Post Office brings out a new stamp or series of stamps, they issue a special

envelope to commemorate the new release and then the stamps on the envelope are cancelled

with a postmark showing the date of the first day of issue.

You might want to specialize in either collecting a specific country or a theme like space stamps,

animals and birds on stamps, film stars or stamps with famous art works.

Or you may want to stick to the traditional way of collecting postage stamps from the

countries you like.

Britain has printed stamps of some of the Beatles record covers and USA has issued an

Elvis Presley postage stamp.


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Delaney Hall has again been working her magic, captivating her readers as only she can, with her lustrous creativity, entertaining and enthralling her audience.
Thank you Delaney for a magnetic, fascinating and magical interpretation.
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It is every Author's wish to find a Translator who takes the book's manuscript and makes it better than the original....and that's exactly what Tacha Chi Colins Bienvenu has done. I'm speechless!
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Once again, as always, Melissa's translations are without any doubt the very best and finest in the Portuguese language.
I am very grateful to have Melissa's amazing skill and talent interpreting my books.
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Nathaly López Cerda is a very clever, accomplished, and talented translator...I am very grateful for the privilege of having had Nathaly translate my latest book.

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