Meet Freddy the friendly Fireman by Bernard Levine

I'm Freddy the friendly Fireman. I have got lots of interesting stories to tell you.

Meet freddy the friendly fireman

Moms and Dads,children will love to know about me. I am Freddy the friendly Fireman. Bring your children to the Fire Station to see what I do. I have got lots of interesting stories to tell you. Welcome to my Fire Station!

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Family / General

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Imagination & Play

Language: English


Word Count: 1006

Sales info:

This book has just been published.

Sample text:

Hello.....My name is Freddy and I am a Fireman.

You might ask what does a fireman do?

Well, that’s an easy question for me to answer.

What I do is....

I drive around in my bright red fire engine and I look for fires.

My big red fire engine has got a siren that makes a lot of noise and let’s everyone know that I’m rushing on my way to a fire.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Petronella Louisa Smith
Author review:
Petronella's dedication to producing outstanding creative content is unmatched....Petronella is a true virtuoso of Afrikaans translation.
Already translated. Translated by Joke Guns
Author review:
Joke Guns certainly knows how to entertain the readers. Joke is an exceptional Master of Translation from English into the Dutch language. Fabulous!
Already translated. Translated by Julie Nantel
Author review:
It has been a true privilege for me to have Julie Nantel translate my books into French...Bernard Levine, Author.
Already translated. Translated by Maria Geyer
Author review:
Maria Geyer's charming translation of my book is a fun enjoyable treat for children. Captivating!
Already translated. Translated by Nikoletta Samoili
Author review:
Nikoletta, has a natural gift for translating anything from English to Greek...she worked wonders with my manuscript text.
Already translated. Translated by Mayuri Walke
Author review:
Children will love and enjoy Mayuri Walke's funny translation of the story of Freddy, the friendly Fireman in Hindi. Delightful, charming and highly entertaining.
Already translated. Translated by Simona Trapani
Author review:
Simona's interpretation of my books are always uniquely styled with clear and magnificent expression...Simona Trapani feels exactly what I write.
Already translated. Translated by Zachary Watts
Author review:
Zachary is a hard working machine....I don't know how he does it, time and time again, delivering translations so perfectly and so skillfully. I am speechless!
Already translated. Translated by Eliane Bueno Freire Ushijima
Author review:
I strongly recommend Eliane's outstanding translation artistry. Eliane's translation of my book is absolutely fantastic!
Already translated. Translated by Jose Saul Agis Garcia
Author review:
Jose's translation is exactly how I wanted it to be...pure magic!!!

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