How to find a job quickly and easily by Bernard Levine

We are not going to be doing what every body else is doing to try to get a job. We are going on a very different route for you to get a job.

How to find a job quickly and easily

If you are having no response to your job applications...
If you are frustrated at being rejected time and time again…
Then, this book will be the miracle in your life.
Let me help you and show you a much better way to find a job.
We are not going to be doing what every body else is doing to try to get a job.
We are going on a very different route for you to get a job.
If you follow the secrets in this book, you will succeed in finding a job quickly and easily.

Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Careers / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English


Word Count: 7320

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This book is brand new in the market....released on 27th May 2016 in Kindle format.


Available in paperback from 27th May 2016

ISBN-13: 978-1533248237

and available as an Audio-book from 30th June 2016

Sample text:

Let me start off by saying, that I know that this book is going to be highly controversial and people will be shocked by the methods and techniques which I provide to help and enable someone to get a job.

Because the ways spoken about in this unique book are not the everyday norm (how the mass and every Tom, Dick and Harry goes about getting a job) ….your first response will probably be that the ideas expressed in this book are wrong and will not work…but before you attack, criticise and condemn, hold onto your horses! I’m telling you, that although the ways will all seem strange and perhaps even bizarre, never mind, I am not writing this book to please the Employment Personnel Agencies, and this book is not going to appeal to the staff who are working in Human Resources in gigantic Corporations…this book is aimed at the unemployed who are sick and tired of being rejected time and time again…having their CV’s thrown into File 13 without ever getting any feedback, response to their job applications leaving them angry, frustrated and depressed.

But that’s exactly why it does work because instead of you doing what everybody else does and standing in a long row trying to get them to notice and accept you….this book will show you how you are going to stand out from the rest…how you will make a big impression and how your interview and you yourself will be well remembered.

So, we are going to try something different ….we are going on a very different route to find and secure a job.
















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