Intimate Sex Secrets of the Jews by Bernard Levine

This volume is an all-new edition with confidential information that has never been published before. You will be shocked by the strange practises of the Jewish community.

Intimate sex secrets of the jews

What is the truth about sex through a hole in the sheet? What are the Rabbis doing with the foreskins that are cut off? Why do women have to show their panties to a Rabbi? Did you know that the Rabbi sucks the blood of the circumcised penis of a baby? Have you heard there is a special way that Jews are supposed to put on their shoes? Why do Jews take a live chicken and swing it above their heads? Why do Jews bury their plates in the ground? You will be shocked by the strange practices of the Jewish community.

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Why are Jewish women not allowed to touch or read a


The Bible or Torah is a holy sacred book, and when women

are experiencing their menstrual cycle they are in an unclean

state…because we do not know when a women is having her

periods, the Rabbis have made a law that a woman cannot

touch or read the Bible as she would be defiling the sanctity

and purity of the Holy Book in her unclean condition.

So, what must a woman do if she wants to read God’s

Word?…she has to ask her husband, her father, her brother

or any man to read the Bible to her.

What happens while a woman has her periods?

While she has her periods, husbands are not allowed to

touch their wives and they cannot sit together on the

same couch.

The wife is not even permitted to cook for her husband and cannot serve him any food or drink.

Husbands and wives must sleep on separate beds.

There are some couples who even sleep in different rooms.

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