How to witness to Jews about Jesus...what Christians need to know by Bernard Levine

How do you witness to Jews about Jesus?

How to witness to jews about jesus...what christians need to know

Why did I leave the Jewish religion to follow Jesus? What are the strange traditions of the Jews? How do you witness to Jews about Jesus? Let the mysteries be unveiled and the truth be told!

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Evangelism

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Language: English


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Sample text:

My secret was discovered

On Sundays, we often went to visit my Dad’s brother.

'Where's Bernard?' my Uncle asked my Dad...doesn't he want some cake and a cold-drink?

'There he is, at the pool, reading a book'.

'Bernard, what book are you reading?'

'Uncle, I'm reading the Bible and reading all about Jesus'


'What! Does your father know what you are reading?'

'I want you to get yourself off my property...right now...immediately...I'll get your father to take you home...I will not have anyone reading about Jesus on my property!'


My family does not want to know me because I believe in Jesus.


You see, I was brought up in the Jewish faith and Jewish people are not allowed to read the New Testament and they do not believe in Jesus.

Because of this, the Jewish people do not celebrate Christmas or Easter...instead they celebrate the Holy Days recorded in the Old Testament like Passover, Day of Atonement and the Festival of First Fruits.

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Already translated. Translated by Delaney Hall
Author review:
Delaney Hall's adaptation is absolutely brilliant with a capital 'B'.
In her vivid translation, Delaney explains what you should know when you witness to the Jews about Jesus. I am very impressed! Well done, Delaney!
Already translated. Translated by Chris S.
Author review:
Am I happy? I can't thank Christelle enough for her exceptionally outstanding interpretation of my book.
And for always, Christelle will be most welcome to interpret any of my books her way...because her way is brilliant!
Already translated. Translated by Lidia Pedìo
Author review:
My Italian friends told me 'they could read Lidia Pedio's words all day!'
Thank you Lidia for giving me a wonderful translation written from the heart to the heart. With my deep appreciation, Bernard Levine (Author)
Already translated. Translated by Melissa Maia Moscoso
Author review:
Melissa, is a prolific Portuguese Translator....not only is she a true expert in Portuguese translation, but Melissa is also so dedicated that the end-product she delivers is always a work of creative genius!
Already translated. Translated by Ramon Santana
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Ramon Santana's inspiring translation will be treasured and become a classic in Christian missionary work for many years to come.

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