The Fun Conversation Book by Bernard Levine

What would your loved one and friends say?

The fun conversation book

How well do you know your loved one and friends?

This fun book is loaded with questions that are thought provoking, often intimate, sometimes crazy and controversial, but always interesting.

When friends come around, at a family get-together or when you’ve just met someone at a party or on a date, this wacky book will get everyone talking.






Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance

Secondary Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Friendship

Language: English

Keywords: questions, bernard levine, conversation, answers, discussion, debate, fun, friends, family, loved one, talk, quiz

Word Count: 2036

Sales info:

This book is brand new! ...published on 22nd July 2017.

Sample text:

In some countries and cultures, women don’t shave their legs or under their arms…if this was the accepted norm in the country where you lived, would you do the same?

Cowboys used to do this! How do you feel about men chewing tobacco instead of smoking cigarettes?

Is it right to keep a bird in a cage as a pet or should you let the bird fly free?...but don’t you think the other wild birds would kill it?

Some women feel it’s uncomfortable to wear bras…but if they don’t wear bras do you think they would one day suffer from sagging breasts?

If you won a million dollars today, what would you do with it?

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Already translated. Translated by Delaney Hall
Author review:
You are always sure, without any shadow of doubt, that the special attribute about Delaney Hall which is always guaranteed, is that Delaney Hall never disappoints her readers...and her wonderful translation of this book highlights her unique aptitude and art.
Already translated. Translated by Marine Van Kerckhove
Author review:
I am very impressed and excited about Marine's translation of my is truly a work of art.
Already translated. Translated by Martina Brandenberger
Author review:
Martina Gaugler's adaptation of my book sparkles with bubbly effervescence.
Readers are going to rave about and enjoy her stimulating colourful rendition in German.
Already translated. Translated by Simona Trapani
Author review:
Simona is a one-of-a-kind very unique highly skilled and creative sincere, full of immense kindness and always wanting to please. I am greatly blessed and privileged to have Simona's name as the author of most of my translated Italian books.
Already translated. Translated by Zachary Watts
Author review:
Zachary's drive to achieve literary perfection is unsurpassed. His literary work is of the highest standard that you will ever find.
Already translated. Translated by Marco Aurelio Barsanelli de Almeida
Author review:
Marco has created a wonderful exciting adaptation of my book which readers will find very entertaining.
Already translated. Translated by Javier Correa Aguilera
Author review:
I love Javier's composing and creativity with words. He is a true word artist, very clever and skilled in his craft. Highly recommended!

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