There is nothing to pay! GET IT ALL FOR FREE... by Bernard Levine


There is nothing to pay! get it all for free...

REWARD YOURSELF WITH LOTS OF FREE GIFTS TODAY! Take everything you want’s all for free! You won’t believe your eyes what you can get for free. This book is richly overflowing with fantastic free gifts for you. You will find everything here from free furniture, free coffee and tea as well as free clothing and there are even valuable celebrity autographs, complimentary wallpaper, toys for nothing, clothing on the house including free garden plants and trees, digital cameras and also free paint! ....Plus, plus lots more amazing free gifts for you! The value of all these free giveaways are worth thousands of dollars....and yes, it’s all yours absolutely free without any cost...there’s nothing to pay....take it all, enjoy and have fun! This book will put a smile on your face and make you very happy.

Genre: REFERENCE / General

Secondary Genre: REFERENCE / Trivia

Language: English

Keywords: free, bernard levine, gifts, money, cash

Word Count: 2370

Sales info:

This book has just been published today!

Sample text:

Why I wrote this book

Acclaimed author, Bernard Levine says

‘I just want to bring lots of joy and excitement into your life and give you what ever you need to have all for free’.

There’s something here for everybody.

It’s all here in this book, whatever you are looking for.

Now that’s really good news.

This special one-of-a-kind unique book will bless you greatly in 101 different ways.

What can you get for free?  What’s in this book?     

There’s a huge list to please you!

Here are some of the big variety of many free gifts....

FREE Furniture

FREE Clothing

FREE Holidays

FREE Collector’s Postage Stamps


FREE Comics

FREE Movie and TV Scripts

FREE Trees for your garden

FREE Song Lyrics

FREE Children’s Toys

FREE House Plans

FREE Accounting Software

FREE Paperback Books

FREE Woodworking Plans

FREE Bibles

FREE Flowers

FREE Beauty Products

FREE Wedding Gifts

FREE Coffee and Tea

FREE DVD’s and CD’s

FREE Recipe Books

FREE Household Products

FREE Joke Books

FREE Sweets

FREE Art Lessons

....and still so much more! (there are hundreds and hundreds of free gifts...far too many to list!)





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Already translated. Translated by Delaney Hall
Author review:
It's time for the receiving of gifts!!!
In this unique translation, Delaney opens the door wide to reveal a host of places where you will find and get things for free. Delaney Hall has been given a special gift of interpretation to bring joy and delight her audience.
Already translated. Translated by Jephté Bikoul Henock
Author review:
If ever there was a Translator who is passionate and committed to deliver quality work, it is Jephté Bikoul Henock. His translation of my book is pure magic!
Already translated. Translated by Nikoletta Samoili
Author review:
Nikoletta Samoili is a very gifted Translator delivering work of a very high standard.
Simply the best!
Already translated. Translated by Amit Sharma and Ravi Kant Anmol
Author review:
Two great Translators have come together to produce an impressive first-rate interpretation of my book. I am overjoyed!
Already translated. Translated by Simona Trapani
Author review:
Simona's dedication to delivering the finest and best work is unmatched...her translations are always 100% outright winners.
Simona always get my vote!
Already translated. Translated by Zachary Watts
Author review:
The name of Zachary Watts is recognized and associated with excellence in Japanese honor which he certainly deserves.
Already translated. Translated by Thayller Weverton Barp
Author review:
I am very impressed and delighted with Thayller's outstanding and worthy translation of my book.
Already translated. Translated by Daniel G.
Author review:
Mere words are not enough for me to tell you just how delighted I am with Daniel's very fine translation of my book. Splendid!

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