How to get paid appearing in TV Ads and Soapies by Bernard Levine

Make money appearing in TV Advertisements and Soapies

How to get paid appearing in tv ads and soapies

Have you ever wished you could get a job appearing in TV Advertisements? the Samsung or Nokia cell phone ads, McDonald's or Coca Cola ads.
Would you like to be in a TV soapie or serial?
No experience needed.
Now’s your chance to make your dreams come true.
It's so much fun and the money you will earn will be well worth it!

Genre: CRAFTS & HOBBIES / General

Secondary Genre: PERFORMING ARTS / Acting & Auditioning

Language: English


Word Count: 2414

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Brand new...this book has just been published today, 22nd July 2016

Sample text:

Okay, let’s get started.

Producers of TV Ads and serials are always on the look out for new faces, new talent to appear in their stories or advertisements.

It does not matter if you have no teeth or if you only have one eye....they can still use you and want you to be in their list of cast members.

In fact, very often, the producers are not looking for attractive pretty faces...they would rather prefer someone who looks a little different...someone who stands out in the crowd ...even if you have a crooked nose or you are short and doesn’t matter what you look like...they still need you to be in their soapies or advertisements.



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