Change Your Destiny by Bernard Levine

Follow your heart to the things that will make you happy and embark on a life path you will be proud of.

Change your destiny

If you are unhappy and believe in your heart that you truly deserve a better life….
If you are wanting to elevate your life to a higher position….
When you are fed up and sick and tired of struggling, battling to survive….
When you feel your life is in a rut going nowhere….
It is only then…
It is only when you have reached that point in your life
when you are really unhappy and dissatisfied with the circumstances of your life…
the way that things have been going and turning out…
that you will get out of your comfort zone to take action and do something about changing your life.
If you are now ready to stand up, give yourself a better life and move forward, then this book will be your lifesaver to take your life onto a fast success track.
Follow your heart to the things that will make you happy and embark on a life path you will be proud of.
Let the good times begin for YOU!

Genre: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Happiness

Language: English

Keywords: bernard levine, inspiration, self help, money, happiness, success, love, motivation

Word Count: 5500

Sales info:

Brand new on the market....this book was published on 16th June 2017.

Sample text:

There’s a saying that says: When life hands you a lemon, you’ve got to make lemonade!

To get your life onto a success track and go forward, you’ve got to have a workable plan of action.

You’ve got to have realistic goals that you can aim towards achieving …things in your life that you want to improve, something to strive for, change and achieve.

You got to do something useful with your life….not just hang around and exist!

So, what should you do…

Firstly, let’s imagine that I am a fairy godmother and I’m going to give you any 3 wishes you would like to see come true.

But, you have got to follow the rules…

Rule number one is you are not allowed to wish for money….

and rule number two is you cannot wish for more wishes.

That’s right! You’ve only got 3 wishes.

Now, tell me, what are the 3 wishes you would like to see happen and come true for yourself?

What will make you happy?

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Already translated. Translated by Delaney Hall
Author review:
If you are longing for a more fulfilling life, let Delaney Hall lead you step by step, on the road to success. You will find Delaney's translation very addictive and highly motivating, making a huge positive impact on your life.
Already translated. Translated by Muriel Muller
Author review:
Muriel's dynamic and captivating translation will inspire readers and change lives now and for many years to come. Muriel deserves a gold medal. Magnificent!
Already translated. Translated by Ravi Kant Anmol
Author review:
Ravi Kant Anmol is the supreme Grand Master of Hindi translation who always adds a touch of genius to my books. Ravi comes highly recommended!
Already translated. Translated by Simona Trapani
Author review:
When Simona Trapani translates your book, you get utmost dedication, high qualified experience with sheer professionalism ...Simona is the best of the best in Italian translation!
Already translated. Translated by Zachary Watts
Author review:
When you have found Zachary Watts, you have found someone unique and rare!
Zachary is a Translator who puts everything he's got into his presentation which is always prolific and exceptionally outstanding. Zachary Watts is the King of Japanese Translation!
Already translated. Translated by Silvia Estrabocha
Author review:
Silvia is definitely an expert in translating from English to Portuguese....her version of my book is par excellence...Bravo Silvia!
Already translated. Translated by Víctor Manuel Mérida Jiménez
Author review:
Victor's interpretation of my book is impressive...he is an accomplished maestro in English to Spanish translation. Take a bow, Victor.

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