The Secrets of Life: Inspiration you will never forget! by Bernard Levine

Inspiration you will never forget!

The secrets of life: inspiration you will never forget!

Touching hearts   Changing lives

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / General

Language: English


Word Count: 8066

Sales info:

Book is fresh in the has just been released April 14, 2016.

Sample text:

We arrived at a park and Aubrey stopped his car at a bus-shelter.

There were 3 hobos, or should I say tramps, dressed like you usually find them with old torn dirty clothes and ruffled hair.

Aubrey called out to them: ‘Hey there…Isn’t it a beautiful morning…I’m sure you are all very hungry…why don’t you get into the car and I’ll take you for a good breakfast?’

They just looked at us and then looked away.

There was no response from the 3 hobos… Aubrey drove around the park and stopped his car at another bus-shelter…there was one hobo lying down on the hard wooden bench.

Aubrey greeted the hobo ‘What a lovely morning this is…I want to give you a good breakfast….some good food…come let’s go…get into my car!’

This time, Aubrey had succeeded.

The hobo opened the door and got into Aubrey’s car and we drove to Aubrey’s home.

When we arrived, Aubrey handed the hobo a new bar of soap, a bath-towel, a bottle of shampoo, a tube of toothpaste with a toothbrush as well as a comb and a razor.  

‘There’s the bathroom…while you are getting all cleaned up, my friend Bernard and I will be preparing breakfast….come to the dining room when you are ready!’

I was very surprised….

‘Aubrey, how can you let a total stranger that you picked up on the road be alone in your bathroom? What if he goes into your bedroom and steals something? You don’t even know him!.....and what about the possibility of catching a disease? You’ve given him your towel and soap without even knowing if he’s suffering from anything?’

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Already translated. Translated by Delaney Hall
Author review:
Delaney Hall has done it again!
Delaney has delivered yet another winning marvelous translation as only she can!
What Delaney does, she does so well with creative elegance and grace.
I will never ever forget what Delaney has done for me.
Already translated. Translated by Ayda Zarrouk
Author review:
Ayda's translation is an inspiring creative work of art! Absolutely brilliant with a capital 'B'.
Already translated. Translated by Sameer Shandilya
Author review:
Sameer has put so much love and grace into his translation of my words. Congratulations Sameer on a very beautiful, meaningful and expressive interpretation of my book.
Already translated. Translated by Simona Trapani
Author review:
If you want to know how to make a miracle, you've got to read Simona Trapani's Italian translation of my book. Her inspiring words are filled with so much love and beauty.
Already translated. Translated by Vanessa Prestes Soares
Author review:
Vanessa has a very rare and exceptional talent. Vanessa's words are absolute pure magic!
Already translated. Translated by Nicol Pizarro Contreras
Author review:
I am greatly blessed to have found Nicol Pizarro Contreras. Nicol's translation is rich filled with so much love and beauty. Magnificent!

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