Who took the name of God out of the Bible? by Bernard Levine

Isn’t it shocking that the precious holy name of the Heavenly Father has been removed from His own book almost 7000 times. How do you think God feels?

Who took the name of god out of the bible?

When Jesus taught us how to pray, He said:

Our Father who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name…what name?

Is it ‘God?’…

that’s not His name…it’s a title.

Is the name ‘Lord?’...

that’s also not His name…it’s also a title.

What is the personal holy name of the god you serve?

Why is it important to use and praise God’s true name?

Have you seen what is written in Revelation chapter 14: verse 1?

And also in Revelation chapter 3?

Did you know that one of the main reasons Jesus came to this earth was for the purpose of revealing and making known His Father’s holy name.

In this book, you will discover the true identity of the God of Israel that most Christians do not know.

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How does God feel that His name has been removed from the Bible nearly 7000 times?

It is shocking, that the One who created our vast universe, has had His own personal holy name removed from the very scriptures that He gave us.

Everyone has a name.

We give names to our children and we call our pets by different names.

Every street has a name and each building has its own name.

We identify the authors of books and the composers of music by their personal names.

The various makes and models of cars have each got an individual specific name.

And surely, the One who made and designed our universe must also have a unique original personal name that is precious, sacred and holy.

Did you know that ‘God’ is a title...it’s not our Creator’s name.

‘Lord’ is also a title...it is also not our Maker’s name.

There are many false gods in our world that people worship and like to call lord and god...but, these false gods have absolutely no power and are built and crafted formed idols of man.

In England, there is even a House of Lords and Queen Elizabeth has bestowed the title of Sir, Baron, Duke and Lord on her distinguished subjects.

But the true God of Israel in the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has got a very unique and special personal precious sacred name that He wants us to know and use which no one else in the universe has.

It’s a name that He has given Himself.

A name that He has chosen. 

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