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Hello, we are an independent publishing house. We have a lot of books which we want to be translated. Normally, our books have done well in the American market.Our company strives to help them make a name for themselves. We want to get those books translated.


Do you think there's more to life than your 9-5 job?
Do You Want To Learn How To Make Money Online While You're Dreaming
Everything You Need To Know To Make Full Time Income Working Part Time On Complete Autopilot
Live More with an Internet Business You Love
Are You Looking To Make Extra Money?
Do you want to have enough disposable income to relax and enjoy life?
Affiliate Marketing Awesomeness
You’re about to discover how to finally start making money online through affiliate marketing!
Get Your Finances on Track
Overview of the business model and how to get started
Affiliate Marketing is an intensive Book for Beginners
Are you tired of the 9 to 5 hectic lifestyle?
Have you ever wanted to make some extra cash on the side?
Are you struggling to boost your brand?
Affiliate Marketing For You
Do you want to have more time to spend with your family, friends, or doing the things you love?
The money has to come from somewhere, right?
Have you ever dreamt of earning money while you sleep?
Affiliate Marketing To Get Rich
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Simple, smart and proven strategies
Affiliate Marketing For Simple People
Affiliate Marketing To Generate Cash
The Small Business Owners Guide to Understanding Marketing Jargon for More Effective Results.
Affiliate Marketing For Money
Affiliate Marketing Go
Change Your Life and Your Lifestyle – Today!
Affiliate Marketing Supremacy
Affiliate Marketing Made Easy
Affiliate Marketing Easily Done
The complete affiliate marketing guide to generate passive income
Read People's Body Language to Succeed in Relationships
Do you wish you knew what people were really thinking but not saying?
Would you like to acquire a deep understanding of the motivations
Would You Like To Master Non-Verbal Communication
Body Language And How It Can Create Amazing Results In All Areas Of Your Life!
Body Language - You need to know whether people care about what you do and/or say.
Believe it or not, the majority of our communication is actually non-verbal.
How to Attract Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace.
Body Language - You need to know whether people care about what you do and/or say.
Do you wish you could figure out what's going on inside someone else's head?
Learn How to Analyze People on Sight and Read Them Instantly
People lie, but there is one thing that never lies, their body.
The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Body Language and Nonverbal Communication
Become A Skilful Interpreter of Body Language
Discover How To Exactly Master on How To Connect and understand body cues
The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Body Language
Nonverbal Communication Is A Skill You Don't Wanna Miss Out !
Master The Art Of Body Language!
Learn About Analyzing People And Read People Better!
Discover How To Attract People Using the Power Of Body Language
What about being able to read anyone's emotions without them saying a single word?
Learn About Analyzing People, Influence Them And Read People Better!
Avoid conflicts, and become a better communicator!
Learn to take control of your non-verbal communication
The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Body Language and Nonverbal Communication
Do you wish you could figure out what's going on inside someone else's head?
This "Body Language" masterpiece contains proven steps and strategies
The New Body Language Book With All The Secrets Is Finally Here!
Do you wish you could tell when someone is lying.
Learn Everything You Need To Know About Body Language
A fresh, insightful guide to reading body language in the post-digital age
Discover How To Exactly Master on How To Connect
A charming, sound, sane map to the world of emotions
Transforming Professional and Personal Life(Habits of Successful)
Sizzle for real
Rekindle your love with your ex before a new one captures his heart.
Important Advices on How to Get Back your Ex and Breakup Recovery
Getting Your Ex Back: Ten Step Crash Course to Patching Up with Your Ex
Have you recently gone through a breakup.
Did you just recently break up with your ex?
Get Your Ex Back Secret.
The premier guide on learning how to get your ex back.
Think about it - if someone really liked you.
Who ever said that relationships were easy.
There is Hope! You Can Get Your Ex Back!
This Is The Definitive Guide to How To Get Your Ex Back.
Get back your ex and fall in love with each other all over again
How To Get Your Ex Back And, Hopefully, Live Happily Ever After
It is possible. Take it from someone who got her ex back and married him.
How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back
Sometimes you just want to give it another try!
Make Your Ex Desperate For Your Attention And Beg To Be Back With You
We all make mistakes, don't we?
Learn Effective Ways To Make A Girl Want You Badly
The Simple Guide to Healthy Living for Men and Women(30 Healthy habit)
A Simple Guide to Mastering Difficult Tasks & recipe for habit
Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World and Practice habit(Secrets to success)
(40) 10 daily Simple Habits of Highly Successful People To Your Confidence
A Great Transforming Your Life Through(Way to Success)
A Guide to Becoming the Best Possible Version of Yourself(3 week Habit in Acqure)
(31b) A Mind Body Approach to (YOUR SOLUTION TO SUCCESS)
(27) A Personal Guide to Elevate Your of Health and Performance
(38) A Simple Guide to And Create a healthy lifestyle from beginner to winner
(35b) An easier way to simplify your life, organize your and make the
Bad Habits to Overcome Procrastination And Can Change Your Life
Best Habits To Create A Successful Life And Break Bad Habits(your life Forever Changed)
(47) Break Free From Destructive Habits With Practical Steps(self Discipline)
(31b) Break Your Bad Habits in The Powerful Book To Be Successful
(43) Change Bad To Your Life Habits of Successful People
(21b) Change Your Habits, Change Your Life and positive Habit
(49) Change Your Life in Days Powerful Habits To Create A Successful Life & break free from bad Habits
(28b) Control Your Trail of Thought, Build Up Daily Habit, Develop an Unbeatable Mental Toughnes
(52) Creating Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits(secrets to Good Habits)
Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Habits
High Performance Health and Fitness Habits And Happy Life (10 simple & Healthy Habit)
(41) How a Simple, Daily Habit Can Change Your Life and (A Best Developing Habits)
(36b) How They Can Help You Succeed in break bad habit in Life
(53) How to change Your Habits To Improve Your LIfe And How To Be success in life
(24) How to create better routines and success (Successful Spiritual Habits)
How To Use It To Change Your Life, First Step-by-step Guidet (Achieve success in life)
(44) Important Life Changing Skills & How to Learn Them. Changing habits (powerful Daily Habits)
Innovative Method to Achieve Success To A Simple Guide beginners
(50) Learn the Habits of the Most Successful People in the World(secret Habit of Successful People)
(42b) Learn the Success Habits of the with Proven Ways to Change Bad Habits
(46) Personal Accountability to Succeed in Everything You Do(Change TO Improve YOUR Life)
(26) Power Practices to Double and Powerful Techniques for Problem Solving
(48) Powerful Habits of Successful Confident How to Develop Habits of Mind and Habits
Powerful Lessons in Personal Change(That Give You Success)
(39) Powerful Techniques To Slaughter The Most Stubborn Habits
QUICK and EASY Tips and Breaking bad Habits
Simple Habits to Achieve Happiness Enjoy And How to Create New
(22) Simple Steps to Transform Your Life And just existing habits
(20) Simple Strategies to Get Out of Your Own Way (1 month day or less)
(30b) The Easy Way to Build Any Habit And Highly Effective people
(37b) The Happiness Habits That Changed My Life and develop Good Habit
(33b) The One Habit That Will Change Your Life Forever And Speaking for Success
(23) The Power to Transform Your Life And Become Successful
The Step by Step to success Create Better Habits Easily
(34b) The Ultimate Guide to Help You break Bad Habit
(29b) The Ultimate Guide to Willpower, Boost Your Self-Esteem with the Skyrocket Towards Success
The Ultimate Success Habits For Life and Self Empowerment
(45) The Ultimate Teenage Success Guide And Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
(54) Turn A Bad Habit Around And Change Your Life Forever(A successful Home business)
Ultimate Guide to Power And Habit of Exercise by follow
Will Change Your Life strong of Habit
Here's everything you need.
Are you hurt? desperate? confused?
Discover on how to Get Your Ex Back Fast!
Congratulations on taking action. I am excited to help you get your Ex back and have them regret ever leaving you.
Get Your Ex Back With Text Messages
Are you hurt, but still believe your relationship is worth fighting for?
Get Your Ex Back
Learn proven steps and strategies on how to to get your ex back fast.
Having a relationship break-up is both mentally and physically challenging
Have you lost your ex and have no desire to be with anyone besides them?
Discover how to get your ex-boyfriend back fast.
Discover How to Get Your Ex Back.
Do You Want To Know How Exactly To Fix The Breakup.
Do You Want to Know The Secret to Get Your Ex Back? Read On...
In case your ex leaves you actually without any reason...
How To Get Your Ex Back Today - For Women
Get your ex back
Learn How Easy It Can Be to Get Your Ex Back.
(52) A Complete Women's Guide and Self Improvement Self Discipline
(54) Best Strategies to Raise Your Self Esteem Overcome Stress and Anxiety
(56) Change Your Life and Build Self-Esteem and Mindfully and Really Can Happiness
(50) How to Boost Your Self Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Development
(51) How to Change Your Confidence Build Self Esteem to Perfect Life
(55) How to Improve Your Self Help Life Goals, Goal Setting and Boost Your Confidence
(53) How to Overcome Low Self Esteem and Build Improve Confidence (15 Awesome Way)
(88) 21days How To Develop and Willpower with Achieve Your Goals with Mental Toughnes
(94) A Ultimate Guide to Maximize Your Potential through Willpower and life in balance
(89) Achieve Your Goals Become a Success And Create a Life Strategy and Master
(101) Easy ways to build Motivate Yourself to Success And Self Development & confidence
(93) Everyday Habits and Build Self-Discipline and (Achieve Your Goals)
(95) How to build mental strength and techniques to increase self discipline
(87) How To Develop and Willpower with Achieve Your Goals
(96) How To Develop Self Discipline and willpower, motivation , self confidence
(103) How To Master Your Goals and Habits For Long Term Success and mental toughness
(104) Mental Toughness and Self-Control and Achieve Your Goals Consistently
(100) Mindset to Build Self-Discipline and Achieve Your Goals (improve success)
(97) Simple And Effective Ways To Develop and reach your Personal Success
(92) Techniques to Magnify your Willpower and Gain Self Control
(90) The power you need to achieve anything in life and long success
(91) The practical path to get over your & transform your life & maximize your potential
(102) The Ultimate Daily Guide to Create Your Powerful Habits
(99) The Ultimate Guide to Achieve Anything and The mind control and self discipline
(105) The Willpower, Mental Toughness, and Self-Control to Resist Temptation and Happiness
(43) Easy Steps to Increase Self-Confidence for Kids Permanently
(36) A Affirmation for Motivation and Personal Transformation and Social Skills
(48) A Guide to Building Your Self-Esteem and You Also Want
(31) A Guide to Creating Spaciousness in Your Home and Boost Confidence
(12) A Guide to Help You Overcome Low Self Esteem and Boost Your Self Confidence
(27) A Guide to Helping Understand and Increase Your Self Esteem
(1) A Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt and Improving Self-Esteem a Happy Fulfilled Life
(4) A Life-Changing Guide to Boost Self-Esteem Start Now Today
(41) A Life-Changing Program for Personal Growth to a Healthy Mind
(29) A Self-Help Guide to Change Through Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence
(19) A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Wholeness and Take Control of Life
(3) A Ultimate Guide and Achieving Success and Confidence Woman for Life
(2) Activities to Help You increase Confidence and Achieve Your Goals and Amazing life
(46) An Essential Guide to Developing and be the best you
(45) Becoming Your Amazingly Imperfect and Self Esteem for Man
(42b) Best Hurting Yourself and Life Today Now
(44) Best Manifest the Life of Your Dreams and Must Know About Building
(18) Best Regain Confidence & Strengthen Esteem and Boost Your Self-Esteem Now
(21) Best Step Guide and a Practical Guide on How to Feel and Habit of Productivity
(38) Best Tips to Help You Achieve and Compassion, Build Up Daily Habits Develop
(49 Best Ways Ever to Gain Self Confidence Your Self Esteem and Change Your Life
(28) Boost Your Confidence and Develop (anxiety and depression)
(39) Boost Your Confidence and Develop and Self Control
(32) Boost Your Confidence, Know Your Worth and Develop and Powerful Confidance
(20) Build Confidence Self-Esteem, Transform Your Mindset (Best 10 Techniques)
(34) Easy Ways to Relieve Stress, Boost and Improve Your Self Confidance
(26) How to Be Confident and Improve and Be Positive
(33) How to Be More Build Self-Esteem and Gain Self-Confidence
(16) How to Be More Confident, Build Self-Esteem and Develop Permanent
(22) How to Build Confidence & Happiness Instead to Stop Caring
(37) How to End Self-Doubt Gain Confidence Transform Your Mindset and Realize Your Potentia
(24) How to Increase Self-Esteem and Boost Your Confidance and Great Life
(17) Improve Self Esteem Self Confidence Self Worth Conquering and Full of Secrect
(9) Improve Your Confidence and Change Your Life and Momentum in Your Life
(35) Learn to Be Self Confident Overcome Your Easily Boost Self-Esteem for a Better Life
(14) Practical Ways to Grow Your Confidence (Overcome Anxiety)
(25) Practical Ways to Grow Your Confidence & Change Your Life
(7) Program Your Mind for high Self-esteem and start new long lasting
(11) Proven Method Learning to Love Yourself, Get More Self-Confidence & Powerful Efficient
(30) Proven, Step-By-Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fear and Learning to Love Yourself
(5) Simple Solutions for Building Self-Esteem for women permanently increase Confidence
(10) Techniques for Improving and Maintaining Your and in Your Life Today
(15) The Complete Guide to Help Solid Confidence and Enjoy the Life
(47) The Ultimate Guide Develop Healthy Self Esteem and Deep Self Confidence
(6) The Ultimate Guide for Women and Confidence Woman for Life
(23) The Ultimate Self Help Guide for Confidence and Were Always Meant to Be
(13) Transformational Program Workbook and Thing of the Past
(40) Ways to Build Your Confidence Every Day and Know About Self Esteem
(8b) Your Mind for High and Stop Doubting Yourself Now
Power Your Life with the Positive(A Fantastic Lifestyle)