Body Language: Awesome guide for non-verbal communication by James Cain

Would You Like To Master Non-Verbal Communication

Body language: awesome guide for non-verbal communication


Think how GREAT it would be to impress people just with your movements, your positioning, your walk... without even saying a single word!

You can learn to read the many forms of body language in people's hands, legs, eyes, and faces. This skill is especially useful if you're interested in dating. Body Language: Master the Art of Reading Anyone through Nonverbal Communication guides you through the process of asking someone out, dating them, and reading their signals correctly in the bedroom.

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Sample text:

Context is the key, and so is   a   A ction. After all, “actions speak louder than words”. Studies have proven that actions through body language are even five times more effective than words! And if a person is truthful, his verbal and non-verbal signals would be in sync.

One example is a boss with his arms folded across his chest and chin down as he looks at his subordinates. He assures them he’s open for suggestion and input, but his body indicates he’s not at all sincere. If a person was using that same pose in a cold winter day, he’s probably just cold rather than feeling defensive.

There can be cases where you might misinterpret someone though, so be on the lookout. Obese people can’t properly express their defensiveness by crossing their legs, and people with arthritis may have soft handshakes as to avoid hurting themselves, despite it being seen as weak.

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